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How much do acting/modeling jobs on average pay out (in Japan of course)?

by Michael
(California, USA)

Hello Gary.

I am a half Japanese/White student who is about to finish college in California. I was just curious about how much do acting/modeling jobs on average pay out (in Japan of course)...I understand this question is difficult to answer depending on agency/popularity, etc.

I would greatly appreciate a response!



Mar 28, 2015
Check out the talent agencies at the bottom of my "Acting and Modeling in Tokyo" page
by: Gary Wolff

Michael, I haven't done any of that kind of work in 4 yrs. now, and as with any industry, things can change rather quickly (both people and companies come & go), but while I was still in the business, I had good luck with the talent agencies listed at the bottom of my "Acting and Modeling in Tokyo" page.

Best wishes....



Mar 28, 2015
Are there any Tokyo talent agency firms that you would recommend?
by: Michael

Thank you for your response!

I am not sure if I missed it on your website but are there any firms that you would recommend if someone was interested in getting into that industry?

Especially if I can fluently speak both Japanese and English? Although my teineigo (丁寧語)is slightly rusty.




Mar 28, 2015
It depends on many variables.
by: Gary Wolff

Howdy, Michael!

As you said, there's no textbook answer for that, as there are just too many variables....the type (size, wealth) of the company paying for the service, the negotiation ability of the talent agency, is it a print ad, website ad, or TV ad, is it a TV drama or a movie, what kind of acting is involved....just an extra, how many speaking parts, your Japanese language skills, etc. etc.

Thru the years, I've earned anywhere from $100 for an all-day extra job to over $1500 for just a 2-day live, gig as a blue Santa Claus. :-)

And many trained actors (I am not) can earn much, much more.

Hope that helps!


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