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How's That Hopey, Changey Stuff
Workin' Out For Ya?

With America's grass-roots revolution in full swing, we are now less than a week away from Independence Day......the historic Nov. 2, 2010 mid-term elections.

I can honestly say I've never been more worried & concerned about my country's future as I am now. But there is hope, because the latest polls show voters are fed up with Obama's big, bossy government.

Obama approval rating index as of Oct. 26, 2010
Presidential Approval Index as of Oct. 26, 2010

For the past several weeks, mysteriously & noticeably absent from the national liberal media are the debacles of the present administration committed over the past 21 months that they wish we'd all forget before Election Day.

For anyone who cares, please allow me to refresh your memory:
  • During the 2008 campaign, Obama promised "transparency" and to hold legislative negotiations on C-SPAN, but his administration has been anything BUT.
  • A disastrous $787 billion stimulus package which has failed to stimulate much of anything except the number & salaries of federal employees 
Who got stimulated?

2009 average U.S. pay rates

  • Failed economic policies with a 9.7% unemployment rate that is the OFFICIAL government-reported national average. This means many parts of the country have REAL unemployment rates over 15% or even 20%. Click on the play button below to see a dramatic animation of the doubling of U.S. unemployment rate, from 4.6% in Jan. 2007 to 9.7% in August 2010. Nearly 31 million Americans are presently unemployed ! 

"The Decline: The Geography of a Recession" by LaToya Egwuekwe

Obama's Council of Economic Advisors Chairman Austan Goolsbee's
political presentation on the U.S. employment situation gets
challenged by former senior White House economic advisor
Keith Hennessey with an insightful analysis of TRUE job losses

  • 1 in 7 Americans cannot find a full-time job; 1 out of every 8 Americans are on food stamps; 43 million Americans are living in poverty; homelessness in New York City has increased 50% in the last year alone 
  • Shoved down the throat of hardworking Americans an ill-conceived government-run health care plan that an overwhelming majority of Americans DON'T want ("You can keep your same doctor & health insurance provider, and the premiums will go down!)("But we have to pass the [health care] bill so you can find out what's in it."). 
Your new health care system
Your New Health Care System

  • Do we really want the federal government dictating our personal financial decisions? At last count, 20 states have filed lawsuits challenging the constitutionality of the health care law which requires Americans to purchase health insurance or pay a penalty. 
  • Pushed the cap-and-trade bill (read: cap-and-tax) which would severely damage the U.S. economy and put even MORE Americans out of work, particularly in the mining and coal industries 
  • Orchestrated efforts to paint Tea Party supporters as racist, homophobe wackos. Such dishonesty is blatantly obvious & insults the intelligence of the American people. 
  • We now have the most biased national media (who are TOTALLY in the tank for Obama) that I've ever seen in my entire lifetime. 
  • Attempted without success so far in closing the Guantanamo Bay (Gitmo) detention camp 
  • Wanted to try the #1 Sept. 11 terrorist suspect, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, in New York City 
  • With the liberal national media's assistance, the present administration has attempted to foster an atmosphere that any criticism of the president's policies is considered a racial attack. Pure, unadulterated poppycock ! 
  • Wants to convert NASA, the most successful space program in the history of mankind, into a Muslim outreach program. Huh? 
  • A despicably tardy & incompetent, community-organizing response to the BP oil spill 
  • Virtually ignored the victims of big floods in Nashville & Rhode Island (he obviously doesn't "feel our pain") 
  • Failure to stand up to China's rise in power, hegemony, & alarming escalation in bullying behavior. If you think their curtailing of rare earth metal exports was disturbing, check out this shocking "China Owns America" video: 

  • No commitment or intention to extend the Bush tax cuts, which will further damage the fragile U.S. economy. 
  • The government takeover of General Motors, large banks, student loans, Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac, etc. sickens me to no end. There are very few programs that the U.S. government manages successfully, without fraud or waste of precious U.S. tax dollars.
  • They're driving our country into the ditch of European-style socialist democracy. No thanks. 
  • Failure to secure our borders & then suing states who are forced to secure their own borders & control illegal immgration by themselves. Can you believe the State of Arizona is being SUED by its own U.S. Government?!
  • Too cozy a relationship with the unions, which are destroying our global competitiveness. 
  • Political correctness gone amuck. National Public Radio's recent firing of Juan Williams should be a resounding wake-up call to how radically far left our country has slid. 
  • Insensitivity to the feelings of families of the Sept. 11 terrorist attack victims by having no qualms with a proposed mosque to be built near Ground Zero. 
  • While the U.S. president urges the rest of us to sacrifice, pinch pennies, & scale back during the economic downturn, the Obamas are out of touch with struggling Americans (who are just "clinging to their guns & God") by taking their exorbitant, seemingly unnecessary 6-figure overseas trips: 
    • Her Highness Michelle "Marie Antoinette" Obama & her 40 friends managed to blow a whopping $375,000 during their 5-day Spanish holiday in August, much of it footed by U.S. taxpayers.

    • During His & Her Highness' upcoming trip to Mumbai, India, their contingent will require renting ALL 570 rooms, banquet rooms, and restaurants of the Taj Mahal Hotel; two jumbo jets to accompany Air Force One, which will be flanked by security jets; 30 to 40 secret service agents; and the President's 45-car convoy, including 6 armored cars, one of which is his bullet-proof Lincoln Continental BarackMobile.

      Three Marine One choppers will be reassembled in India to ferry Obama and his family. These helicopters will also assist in evacuation in case of an emergency. Moreover, 30 sniffer dogs will be put on service to boost the security arrangements during Obama's visit. 

      And since the Taj Mahal Hotel is on the Mumbai seafront, elaborate coastal security arrangements have been made requiring US Navy warships in conjunction with Indian Navy and Coast Guard vesssels to patrol the sea out to about 330-km (205 mi.) from the shore to negate the possibility of a missile being fired from a distance. 
Michelle "Marie Antoinette" Obama
Michelle "Marie Antoinette" Obama

Enough is enough. The U.S. Treasury is now forced to borrow over $4 billion every day just to stay afloat. Our country is DEEP doo-doo. WAKE UP, AMERICA !

The shocking reality that Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown is even being considered a viable candidate for California governor is very disturbing indeed. Has our country gone mad (or all just smoking too much POT)?

Jerry Brown lies about having a plan for California

Without question, the 2010 mid-term elections next Tues. Nov. 2 are the most important elections in my entire half-century-plus lifetime. It's time to end one-party rule, kick out the socialist Democrat bums, & take our country back.

Just so we are clear, let me say that I am not a Republican apologist, as they are nearly as bad as the Democrats. I'm merely an independent conservative who hates to see what is happening to our country.  

Please join me in sending a very loud and clear message to Washington, D.C. that we disapprove of the current liberal agenda and an elitist government that doesn't listen to & votes against the wishes of the American people.

If you have a vote, I hope & pray you will voice your opposition to the very disturbing hard-left turn in which our country is being steered & by all means exercise your right this next Tuesday.

Oct. 27, 2010

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