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Is it feasible to hike from Dakesawa Hut to Minami-dake-goya in one day?

by Peter

Hi Gary. I had one last query. I read that you stayed at Hotake-Dake Sanso at the end of day one, Minami-Dake Goya at the end of day two, and then walked from Minami-Dake Goya back to Kamikochi on day three.

I was contemplating hiking from Dakesawa Hut to Minami-Dake Goya in one day. If I started at sunrise, do you think that would be feasible?

Thanks again for all your help.

July 15, 2011


Impossible, unless your name is Sir Edmund Hillary. :-)

No, if you're in good shape, maybe you can make it, but Daikiretto will really sap your strength. Better to have a fall-back plan, just in case it's too much of a stretch or the weather isn't ideal (the weather link in my previous email shows showers on Sat./Sun.).

Also, my climbing partner & I were sharing carrying his tent, and that really slowed us down.

Here's how that route looks in more detail: Mt. Oku-hotaka-dake/Daikiretto/Mt. Yari-ga-take elevation profile

Best wishes, Peter....


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