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The Latest Mt. Fuji News

To stay abreast of what's new in such a beautiful and far away place like Mt. Fuji might be difficult with just your local newspaper, so courtesy of Google News, here are the latest Mt. Fuji news stories as crawled and gathered by Google from over 25,000 news sources around the world.

Google News is a computer-generated news site that aggregates news headlines from news sources worldwide, groups similar stories together, and displays them according to each reader's personalized interests.

Thanks to Google's news wizard, on this page you can see the latest Mt. Fuji news headlines with a short description underneath each one. These are continuously updated 24/7/365, so just click on any news headline you want to read more about.

And if you're like me, you might want to keep track of the latest happenings about Mt. Fuji, so please bookmark this page or subscribe to the RSS feed (orange RSS button is in upper right corner).

If you're planning to climb Mt. Fuji, you'll definitely wanna check out my Climbing Mt. Fuji Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

Thanks for visiting and please come back again soon for the latest news from Mt. Fuji, Japan! Cheers!


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Climbing Mt. Fuji Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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