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Saudi Arabia's food

by Yasufumi
(Saitama, Japan)

Chicken Kabsa

Chicken Kabsa

I don't know about Saudi Arabia well, so I researched the food of Saudi Arabia. This is because I like eating very much. I would like to talk about Chicken Kabsa. Chicken Kabsa is the main traditional dish of Saudi Arabia.

According to the web site, Chicken Kabsa is usually made from some spices and basmati rice and meat and vegetables. Basmati rice is a long rice which has a characteristic, light nutty flavor. I was surprised at basmati rice when I learned it.

This is because I’ve not seen this type of rice. If I have a chance of eating Chicken Kabsa, I want to eat it. It looks very delicious and I would like to know how the taste of basmati rice is.

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