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Switzerland---A Neutral but Important Country in International Affairs

by ZHANG Zhuoliang/Bruce
(Chofu City, Tokyo, Japan)

Switzerland is located in the middle part of Europe, which covers an area of only forty thousand square kilometers or so. It hasn't as large an area as Russia, and not a powerful military as the United States, and even not a splendid history as the United Kingdom. Yet, it is of importance in international politics.

In reality, Switzerland is a famous neutral country. Still, it plays a vital role in international politics and military affairs. Zurich and Geneva are both world-famous cities, in which life quality rank first and second all over the world.

Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and one of the important international financial centers and gold markets. There are 300 banks or their branches.

Geneva is the second largest city in Switzerland and also home to more than 200 international organizations, such as the United Nations and International Society of Red Cross. What's more, a great many international conferences are held in Geneva. It has over 100 banks as well.

It seems a bit strange that such a neutral country plays a crucial part in international affairs. Nevertheless, Switzerland does.

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