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January-March, 2022

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Mar. 14, 2022 - 2022 Cherry Blossom Forecast

Only 8 more days till the cherry blossoms are forecast to begin blooming in Tokyo on Mar. 22! Yay! This is 7 days later than last year, but 2 days earlier than usual! Full bloom in Tokyo is forecast for Mar. 29. Can't wait! smiley

2022 cherry blossom front in Japan
2022 cherry blossom front in Japan
(Source: Japan Weather Association)

Mar. 11, 2022 - The Beatles: Get Back - The Rooftop Concert

One of the best flicks I've seen in a while, even though the "Get Back" rooftop concert filmed atop Apple Corps' Savile Row headquarters in London on January 30, 1969 was only a 65-minute documentary.

Not to be confused with last year's 3-part, 8-hour TV mini-series, this film was digitally remastered for the HUGE screen and high-quality sound of IMAX theaters and directed by famous New Zealander Peter Jackson of "Lord of the Rings" fame. The cinematography was phenomenal… 10 cameras on the rooftop, 3 on the street interviewing puzzled passersby, and even 1 on top of the building across ​​the street.

The close-ups of the Fab 4 performing live in their surprise, unannounced last ever public appearance made me so nostalgic, it practically brought tears to my eyes. And they were all so young & handsome (all still in their 20s).

Believe it or not, it was my very first time ever to see a flick in an IMAX theater. With the HUGE screen, high-tech sound system, and my sensory perceptions in full overdrive… it almost gave me the impression I was actually there.

Particularly impressive was the professional editing which made good use of the full width of the floor-to-ceiling IMAX screen to present 3 different simultaneous views of the performance – such as close-ups each of John and Paul singing, along with a wider shot of the whole band.

Sadly, as of yesterday it seems the screenings in Japan have now finished, but for any passionate Beatles fans (especially old folks like me who grew up with The Beatles), if this film ever comes to a nearby IMAX screen, you will be remiss and saddened greatly if you miss seeing it. 

The Beatles: Get Back - The Rooftop Concert
The Beatles: Get Back - The Rooftop Concert
(photo credit:

Profile at The Internet Movie Database
Forbes review

Feb. 18, 2022 - In loving memory of Thomas Arthur Todd

It's a sad day in Tokyo and Steamboat Springs, Colorado, as one of my lifelong good buddies has received his final reward and moved up to the big playground in the sky. I've known Tom since our college days and will always hold him dear to my heart.

Love you, miss you, and rest in eternal peace, my dear friend. C U again someday!

Tom Todd
Thomas Arthur Todd
July 24, 1953 - Feb. 17, 2022
(The above pic was taken at Garden of the Gods, Colorado in Aug. 2016.
More pics of Tom are here.)

Gannett Peak, Wyoming
Tom (left) & I scaled Gannett Peak, elev. 4,210 m (13,810 ft),
the tallest peak in Wyoming, back in Sept. 1979

Feb. 10, 2022 - Comparing sizes of geographical areas

I've often wondered how the size of my home state of Texas would measure up to my adopted home for the past 3 decades. Now finally the mystery has been solved. laughing icon

size of Texas vs. Japan
Japan is 0.54 times the size of Texas. Wow.

Actually, it's not such a big surprise for me, since I learned a long time ago that Texas (America's 2nd largest state and 1/2 the size of Alaska) was about twice the size of Japan, but it's pretty cool to now see it on a map.

MapFight is a web-app to help visualize the comparative size of 2 geographic areas... continents, countries, cities, oceans, etc. I was turned on to this amazing app a couple days ago by a fellow university professor, and I'm so intrigued by it, I'm still playing around with it. smiley

size of Tokyo vs. New York City
Tokyo is 2.8 times the size of New York City. Wow.

Feb. 6, 2022 - 360-degree panorama from the summit of Mt. Whitney

Flashing back to one of my all-time favorite mountain climbing pics, a panorama from the summit of Mt. Whitney in California (the tallest peak in the continental 48 U.S. states) taken by my fellow climbing partner Matt when we scaled it in August 1989. He made it from his 16 sequential pics spliced together, back when digital cameras were not yet widely available.

summit of Mt. Whitney
Click here to view very WIDE photo: smiley
360-degree panorama from the summit of Mt. Whitney

Jan. 27, 2022 - "How Long Has It Been Since YOU Been Home?"

Blessings to my good buddy, Mississippi bluesman Rambling Steve Gardner, who hits it out of the park with his 12-string National Reso-Phonic guitar by posing a very pertinent question as we kick off a New Year.

This song is Rambling Steve's version of an old Lightnin' Hopkins tune. More details on this amazing Tokyo musician are here:

Keep on spreadin' your Big Leg, X-tra LARGE, My-T-Fine magic, my friend…

​​"How Long Has It Been Since YOU Been Home?"
(If player above is not visible, you can view video at YouTube here.)
[click on CC button for English subtitles (英語字幕)]

Jan. 20, 2022 - Japanese elevator floor location monitor

Wow, now why didn't I think of this? smiley

​​Japanese elevator floor location monitor
(If player above is not visible, you can view video at YouTube here.)

Jan. 6, 2021 - 16 Top Hiking & Adventure Blogs from Japan

​I was thrilled recently to be notified that my website has been named one of the 16 top hiking and adventure blogs from Japan by the highly-renowned Ridgeline Images hiking website.

If you have a very vivid imagination, perhaps you can visualize me right now patting myself on the back, ha ha. smiley
No, in all seriousness, in the past 12 years I have spent literally hundreds of hours posting information on the highest mountains in Japan, which I hope will be useful for present and future climbers.

It is extremely rare when I get these kinds of kudos or feedback regarding my website, so this recognition is extremely appreciated. Thank you very much, Mr. David Lowe!

If you're looking for a good hiking trail around Tokyo, since 2013 David has published over 100 hike reports from around the Greater Tokyo Area. And each hike has a detailed description, including photos, how to get to the trailhead by public transport, hiking duration, distance, elevation gain, difficulty, as well as downloadable GPX track and PDF map files.

Jan. 1, 2022 - Hatsuhinode (初日の出), First Japan Sunrise of 2022

Hatsuhinode (初日の出) is the Japanese Shinto tradition of viewing the 1st sunrise of the New Year to greet Toshigami-sama (年神), the god of the New Year, with hopes of receiving good luck, well-being, and health. Before sunrise on January 1, many people will drive to the coast, climb a mountain, or go to the top of a tall building or structure, like the Tokyo Sky Tree or Tokyo Tower, to view it. Here's the one which occurred in Tokyo this morning at 6:51 am with a crisp -1°C (30°F) temp. Happy New Year!! May we all be blessed this year with "good luck, well-being, and health." smiley

​​Hatsuhinode (初日の出), First Japan Sunrise of 2022
(If player above is not visible, you can view video at YouTube here.)
(BGM: "Morning Has Broken" by Cat Stevens)

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