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What Japanese University Students
Think About Russia

I'm often asked by family & friends what's on the mind of my Japanese university students & how they feel about various topics.

Through this online forum, my students will now have a voice to express their views about different countries and/or share their overseas travels with the online community.

First stop was America. Then New ZealandBrazilScotlandAustraliaNorthern IrelandItalyEnglandWalesChinaSaudi ArabiaCanadaSwitzerland, and Singapore.

This stop: Russia

More to follow in the weeks and months ahead, as we travel around the world country by country, in accordance with the list at the bottom of the page !

If you are a Japanese university student, feel free to throw in your 2 cents worth and participate in the discussion. It'd be a pleasure to hear your input. And by all means, feel free to comment on and rate the other students' comments as well. 

Enjoy !!

Have A Great Story About Russia?

Are you a Japanese university student and have a great story about Russia, the largest country in the world? Have you ever traveled there before or do you have a friend from Russia? Any opinions about the interesting & diverse Russian culture, like the dating & marriage customs, its turbulent historical relations with Japan including the ongoing dispute over control of the Kuril Islands, its status as a world economic power, its many achievements in the fields of space technology, ballet, figure skating, etc.?

Please share your views about what you like or dislike about Russia !

What Other Japanese University Students Have Said

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Russian toy!! 
Look at the picture. This is a toy called matryoshka. This is really popular in not only in Russia, but also around the world. When I was a child, I was …

PFC Central Sport Club of the Army, Moscow 
There is a professional football club in Russia, which is PFC CSKA Moscow. Why I know this team is because Keisuke Honda, who is a really famous player …

About Russia  
People know that Russia is the biggest country in this world. Of course I knew it. But I didn't know that the population of Russia is so small, considering …

My favorite anime character is Cheburashka. Let’s learn about Cheburashka. Cheburashka is a Russian character. This character is made to be like Mickey …

Christmas in Russia 
You know when Christmas is, don’t you? Of course, it’s Dec. 25th. But in Russia, it is not. They celebrate Christmas on Jan. 7th. That is because the Russian …

The bath situation of Russia 
Do you like to take a bath? Even if we are Japanese, there are different ways of how to take a bath. Which do you choose: going into bathtub or only using …

Russian matryoshka dolls 
I think the Russian matryoshka doll is one of the most famous articles in Russia. I like the miscellaneous motifs of matyoshka dolls and often buy them …

Am I Kazuya Shikava? 
In Russia, pronunciation of the “w” sound is written as “v”. For example, the first character of “vodka” sounds like a “w”. So, in Russian my name would …

Russia is Unexpectedly Close to Japanese People 
To tell you the truth, I have had the idea that I was not familiar with Russia and it was remote to me. But I found some connections between Russian culture …

The Russian Folk Religion 
In the last semester, I took a Russian culture class. Through studying Russian culture, I learned about Russian folk religion in rural regions. And it …

Russian Cyrillic Alphabet 
Today there are many letters in the world. They have their own unique style. But the Russian Cyrillic alphabet is the most unique for me, because it is …

Russian Vodka 
Last week we studied about Russia. Although I don’t like to drink so much, what interested me about Russia was an alcoholic drink called ‘Vodka.’ According …

Russian caps 
Although the annual range of temperature is basically wide in Russia, it’s so cold because of tundra or taiga in my image. Russian fur caps ('ywahka' in …

The Vaganova Ballet Academy 
Russia has a lot of wonderful culture, especially ballet. At first, ballet was invented in France, but spread to Russia. There are many famous ballet companies, …

Russian hot, delicious cuisines!!! Not rated yet
I like Russian cuisines very much because they make me hot! From now, I will introduce Russian cuisine. Please look at picture No. 1. Borscht is made of …

Matreshka dolls Not rated yet
Of the things famous in Russia, I got interested in matreshka dolls. The name of matreshka comes from a Russian woman's name. It is divided up and down …

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