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What Japanese University Students
Think About England

I'm often asked by family & friends what's on the mind of my Japanese university students & how they feel about various topics.

Through this online forum, my students will now have a voice to express their views about different countries and/or share their overseas travels with the online community.

First stop was America. Then New ZealandBrazilScotlandAustraliaNorthern Ireland, and Italy

This stop: England

More to follow in the weeks and months ahead, as we travel around the world country by country, in accordance with the list at the bottom of the page !

If you are a Japanese university student, feel free to throw in your 2 cents worth and participate in the discussion. It'd be a pleasure to hear your input. And by all means, feel free to comment on and rate the other students' comments as well. 

Enjoy !!

Have A Great Story About England?

Are you a Japanese university student and have a great story about England? Have you ever traveled there before or do you have a friend from England? Any opinions about the interesting English culture, like soccer, beer, pubs, music, the Queen, etc.?

Please share your views about what you like or dislike about England !

What Other Japanese University Students Have Said

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Royal Wedding - the unique hats of the guests -  
On 29th April, 2011, the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton was held in London. It seems like 2000 guests were invited. Two of the guests there …

Harry Potter World 
I love Harry Potter books! When I read the first book several years ago, I thought I really wanted to go to England, because there is a gate to the world …

Cotswolds and the Lake District 
England is the one of the countries I have wanted to visit. Especially, I want to visit Cotswolds and the Lake District. Cotswolds is said to be most beautiful …

University of Cambridge 
"It was just like Alice In Wonderland or Harry Potter's world! You had better go to the University of Cambridge someday." That is what my friend who had …

"David Beckham," Famous English Soccer Player 
Have you ever heard about David Beckham? If you've never heard about his name, let me introduce about his simple profile from now on. He is the most famous …

English People Have a Fine Pride for their Country 
I've been to London, the capital of England. While staying there, I was impressed about many points. Firstly, when I was seeing the sights of London with …

Afternoon Tea, the Culture of England 
In my image, English people like to drink tea. Tea is prepared in most homes and particularly they drink in the afternoon. Afternoon tea is a culture that …

Big Ben, the Very Famous Clock Tower in London 
Thinking of England, I cannot help but think of London. Because when I was a child, my father was in London due to his work. So I would like to talk about …

England's Industrial Revolution 
Now I'm taking a class about western history. During this class I learned a lot about England. So let me tell you the history of England! I have an examination …

My visit to Buckingham Palace 
I went to Britain in March this year. I will talk about Buckingham Palace where I was interested in. Buckingham Palace is the present royal family's palace …

"Alice in Wonderland" has some messages 
I like Disney pictures very much. Especially, I’m very interested in "Alice in Wonderland." Watching this movie is a good way for one to understand the …

Short stay in England 
I have been to England once. It was just three hours to wait on a connecting flight to Tokyo. Though it was short, it was unforgettable, because of trouble. …

My funny cousin 
I want to tell you the funny story about my cousin. When my cousin, Mizuho, was a university student in Kyoto, she studied abroad in London, England. …

British Music in the 1990's 
In the early 1990's British music had fallen into a state of an overabundant supply. Then bands like Oasis and Blur suddenly appeared on the music scene …

The origin of Godiva chocolate 
I love chocolate very much and I eat it when I feel tired. Do you know the origin of the chocolate brand called “GODIVA?” It’s famous for a high ranking …

England's Old Historical Buildings Not rated yet
What comes to mind when you think of England? I think of many historical buildings in England! That's the first thing which comes to mind. The buildings …

England's Premier League Not rated yet
When I hear "England," the first thing that comes to my mind is the football Premier League. Today the number of Japanese football players who are flourishing …

The Most Famous Mystery Novelists Not rated yet
I like mystery novels. I imagine Britain to be full of mystery. The reason is the existence of 2 famous novelists: 1) Arthur Conan Doyle, and 2) Agatha …

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