English People Have a Fine Pride for their Country
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English People Have a Fine Pride for their Country

by Mika Iwasaki
(Mitaka, Tokyo, Japan)

Hyde Park in London

Hyde Park in London

I've been to London, the capital of England. While staying there, I was impressed about many points. Firstly, when I was seeing the sights of London with a tourist’s map, a middle-aged English gentleman came near me and taught me how to go to my destination.

After that, he said, “By the way have you been to Houses of Parliament yet?” He recommended me to visit Parliament. I felt that he was proud of his country and history.

Would I recommend foreign tourists to visit the Diet Building of Japan? Uh-uh, no I wouldn’t, because I don’t think it is much of a proud place in Japan, even if the building is very excellent.

Secondly, there were several huge parks (Hyde Park, Regent’s Park, and so on) in London. I loved to walk around to these parks' abundant greenery.

I was surprised that birds and animals weren’t afraid of humans there. They took to us. People thought much of birds and animals.

It seemed that English people had a fine pride for their country and took good care of Nature and creatures.

From these points of view, I think that English people might have a better life than Japanese.

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