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Through this online forum, my students now have a voice to express their views about different countries and/or share their overseas travels with the online community.

First stop was America. Then Saudi Arabia, Canada, England, Switzerland, Singapore, Russia, South Africa, New Zealand, Brazil, Scotland, Australia, and Northern Ireland (this page). And so on, all over the world, in accordance with the list of countries at the bottom of this page!

Please share your opinions below.  It'll be a pleasure to hear your input. And by all means, be sure to comment on and rate the other students' comments as well. 

Enjoy !!

Please share your views about Northern Ireland!

Are you a university student and have a great story about Northern Ireland? Have you ever traveled or done a homestay there before? Do you have a friend from Northern Ireland? Any opinions about the Northern Ireland culture, or did you know that the famous ship Titanic was built in the capital city of Belfast?

Please share your views about what you like or dislike about Northern Ireland !

What Other University Students Have Said

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An Unfamiliar Region For Me -- Northern Ireland 
Northern Ireland is separated from mainland Britain by the Irish Sea. In a population of 1.5 million, nearly 60% are under 40, which is great news …

Giant's Causeway 
Northern Ireland is a part of the UK. Located in the northeast of the island of Ireland, it shares a border with the Republic of Ireland. Surrounded by …

Beer & whiskey in Northern Ireland 
Do you know Guinness? Of course you know, but this time I will talk about the Guinness which is not the book of records. It is a kind of beer that is black …

A lot of beautiful historical sites  
Before our class, I didn't really know about Northern Ireland. I was thinking that Ireland is the same place as Northern Ireland, so I read the textbook …

A brief history of separation 
Before the class last Wednesday, I had always thought that Ireland and Northern Ireland were the same country. After class I wondered why that was, so …

The interesting bridge... 
I've never been to Northern Ireland, but I saw it from the internet. I think that Northern Ireland has interesting bridges to visit such as the Carrick-a-Rede …

Northern Ireland 
Northern Ireland is an area in the UK, located at the north of Ireland island, which has the biggest lake in the UK. I hear that people living there are …

Let the Games Begin!!!! 
Game of Thrones is mainly filmed in a Belfast studio and in locations somewhere in Northern Ireland, Malta, Croatia, Iceland, and Morocco. It is an adaptation …

NORTHERN IRELAND: A country of great beauty 
No doubt that Northern Ireland is a country of amazing and spectacular beauty. Its many landscapes and towns full of color make this small island one …

Northern Ireland! 
There are a lot of tourist attractions in Northern Ireland. If I have one day for touring Northern Ireland, it is essential to stop by the columnar joint. …

Birthplace ~ unsealing the life of the ship 
One of the memorable tragedies in the sea is the sinking of the RMS Titanic. This is the reason why UEC was established as a school for practicing radio …

A magic country --- Northern Ireland  
Northern Ireland is the kingdom of the green. There is beautiful natural scenery, fresh air, vast grasslands, countless mountains, and clean water, and …

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