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Artwork by Yoshimizu Koike (小池 嘉瑞)

The following paintings and sketches were done by one of my favorite Japanese artists, Mr. Yoshimizu Koike (小池 嘉瑞). Yoshi used to be my university student and I first saw his wonderful talent on display at a campus art exhibition around 5 years ago. Yoshi, who comes from Kawagoe, Saitama, has graciously shared his artwork on this page. I hope you enjoy his remarkable drawings and, by all means, feel free to give him some feedback!

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a slope of pottery in Tokoname" (常滑土管坂)
A slope of pottery in Tokoname (常滑土管坂)

海の中 (Middle of the Sea)
海の中 (Middle of the Sea)

Rain on the Rain
Rain on the Rain

The Lagoon
The Lagoon

The Street near the Lagoon
The Street near the Lagoon

Dusky Thrushes and the Sun
Dusky Thrushes and the Sun (ツグミと太陽)


Reading under the Moon
"Reading under the Moon" (月見)



Fun House Night
"Fun House Night"

Great Barrier Reef
"Great Barrier Reef"

Halloween 2010 by Yoshimizu Koike
"Halloween 2010"

Artwork by Yoshimizu Koike
"Kawagoe's Bell"

Artwork by Yoshimizu Koike

Artwork by Yoshimizu Koike


Artwork by Yoshimizu Koike
"A Lane in Kawagoe"

Artwork by Yoshimizu Koike
"Street along Nikorai-do" (ニコライ堂のある通り)



Cairns Archie St.
"Cairns Archie St."

Cairns Central
"Cairns Central"

Cairns City Place
"Cairns City Place"

Cairns Sheridan St.
"Cairns Sheridan St."

Cairns St. before Tanks
"Cairns St. before Tanks"

Celebrate Christmas 2008 by Yoshimizu Koike
"Celebrate Christmas 2008" 

Feel free to share your comments

Would you like to give Yoshimizu some feedback about his amazing artwork?
Feel free to share it!

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Somehow I really miss this 
なんだかすごく懐かしい. けど、同時に進化した …

風景画の光を心地よく感じた。 見たことのない& …

Yoshimizu always gives me surprise! 
Since I saw his paintings for the first time, I was really surprised! Because Yoshimizu...though he always says that his paintings are not really good …

Yoshimizu Koike is very talented! 
I've had the pleasure of enjoying Yoshimizu's remarkable artwork for over 2 years now, and still can't believe how talented he is. I honestly feel he will …

Nice work! 
I like Yoshimizu-san's artwork. Very talented!

I like Yoshimizu's art 
My favorite piece of artwork by Yoshimizu is 【Celebrate Christmas 2008】.

Great stuff 
I really enjoyed the lighthearted point of view. I felt very happy looking at your work. I hope to return for another visit to Japan soon. Bonnie

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