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Climbing Mt. Fuji (富士山) -
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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May 17, 2022 update: Good news! Under pressure from Japan's tourism industry, the Japanese Prime Minister announced on May 7 that beginning next month border controls against the coronavirus will be eased, in line with other G7 members. Although foreign students and business travelers have been able to enter Japan, the country has been essentially off-limits for foreign tourists for the past couple years. Also, the cap on overseas arrivals currently set at 10,000 per day will also be eased. This obviously reflects favorably on the prospects of foreign climbers being able to come over and challenge Mt. Fuji​​. Let’s keep our fingers crossed! smiley

Oct. 12, 2021 update
: The climbing stats for the 2021 Mt. Fuji climbing season were updated below.

Sept. 26, 2021 update: NHK World reported today that Mt. Fuji recorded the smallest number of hikers during the summer climbing season in 40 years.

Between July 1 and September 10 this year, only 65,519 people climbed the main Yoshida Trail, the only trail which originates in Yamanashi Prefecture.

The number is the lowest since the earliest available records from 1981, and 120,288 less than the figure from 2 years ago.

Factors for the drop are being attributed to the smaller Covid-related capacity of mountain huts and the Fuji Subaru Line toll road only being open between 3 am to 6 pm, compared to being open 24/7 during the 2019 climbing season (before the pandemic).

Also, an interesting story was posted recently by a Japanese university student entitled "My Experience at a Part-time Job at the Altitude of 3100 Meters," describing her experience this summer working at the 8th Station Taishikan (太子舘) mountain hut. 

Sept. 11, 2021 update: GAME OVER!! The Yoshida trail has now been closed for the winter from Izumigataki (a short walk from the Fuji Subaru Line 5th Station) to the Mt. Fuji summit. National park officials have once again reminded would-be off-season climbers of the many hazards in doing so, as described below in the "When is Mt. Fuji's official climbing season?" question, especially in the "Three Rules for Off-season Climbers of Mt. Fuji" pdf linked from there.

Mt. Fuji 2021 closed for winter sign
Mt. Fuji 2021 closed for winter sign
(photo credit:

More Mt. Fuji news posts from May-Sept. 2021


"If you come to Japan and don't climb Mt. Fuji, you're a fool; but if you climb it more than once, you're an even BIGGER fool."  smiley
—old Japanese proverb, especially tailored for gaijin—

For me, the attraction to climb Mt. Fuji was immediate. Less than 4 months after arriving in this country, I was worshipping the sunrise from its summit on Sun. Aug. 4, 1991.

After I first built this site in 2009, initially primarily about the highest mountains in Japan, I found myself replying to a seemingly uncountable number of questions about climbing Mt. Fuji. So in Aug. 2010 I decided to compile a list of some of the most frequently asked questions I got about climbing Japan's highest peak. It has grown considerably since then as visitors have posed more questions and graciously shared their climbing stories and photos.

As a result, a couple years ago it became necessary to add a Page 2. I've done my best to keep the links current and the content up to date, and for the past 7 years this page has become the most visited page on my entire site, thank you.

Should you have any additional questions of your own or would like to share your climbing story, feel free to use the form at the bottom of this page. Thanks for visiting.

Mt. Fuji (富士山), Japan's highest mountain
Mt. Fuji (富士山), Japan's highest mountain
and the most visited mountain in the world
(from the summit of Mt. Kintoki (金時山))
(Photo credit: Yuriko Miyata)

Climbing Mt. Fuji, a World Heritage Site
Safety and Etiquette Guide
(If the player above is not visible, you can view video at YouTube here.)

Got a question or story about climbing Mt. Fuji?

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: In view of the global pandemic, is it possible to climb Mt. Fuji virtually?  (added Mar. 24, 2021)
Q: What is Mt. Fuji's (富士山, Fuji-san) elevation?
Q: How many people climb Mt. Fuji (富士山) every year?  (updated April 3, 2019)
Q: When is Mt. Fuji's official climbing season?  (updated Sept. 13, 2021)
Q: When are the best dates to climb during Mt. Fuji's climbing season?  (updated Mar. 16, 2017)
Q: Is there a choice of hiking trails when climbing Mt. Fuji?  (updated July 2, 2021)
Q: I'm planning to climb Mt. Fuji in early July. Will there still be snow on the trail?  (updated Mar. 3, 2020)
Q: How long does it take to climb Mt. Fuji and what is the elevation gain?  (updated Aug. 23, 2015)
Q: What are the hiking distances from Mt. Fuji's 5th Stations to its summit and how steep are the various Mt. Fuji climbing trails?   (updated Aug. 12, 2021)
Q: What are the approximate distances between stations on Mt. Fuji's main Yoshida Trail?  (added July 2, 2017)
Q: Are there some Mt. Fuji mountain huts where I can rest or sleep along the way?  (updated July 23, 2021)
Q: Is it necessary to make reservations at the Fuji-san mountain huts?  (updated July 4, 2014)
Q: What kind of equipment is required for climbing Mt. Fuji?  (updated Mar. 16, 2020)
Q: What temperatures can I expect when climbing Mt. Fuji? 
Q: Where can I see current weather conditions and/or weather forecasts for Mt. Fuji?  (updated Feb. 27, 2021)
Q: How do I reach Mt. Fuji's 5th Stations (Gogōme, 五合目)?  (updated July 26, 2021)
Q: What is the elevation of Mt. Fuji's 5th Station?
Q: What kind of services and facilities will I find at Mt. Fuji's 5th Station?  (updated July 1, 2018)
Q: What kind of services and facilities will I find at Mt. Fuji's summit?  (updated August 17, 2018)
Q: What time of day is the best time to climb Mt. Fuji?  (updated July 19, 2019)
Q: How can I avoid the crowds when climbing Mt. Fuji?  (updated Oct. 12, 2021)

Many more questions continued on Page 2.

Q: In view of the global pandemic, is it possible to climb Mt. Fuji virtually?  (added Mar. 24, 2021)
A: YES!! The Mount Fuji Virtual Challenge will take you on an exciting 46-mile (74-km) adventure around the Fuji Five Lakes and then on to the summit of Mount Fuji.... the tallest mountain in Japan.

Using their mobile iOS and Android apps, each time you complete a distance-based exercise such as running, walking, cycling, swimming, etc., you can enter the distance in miles (or kms) into the app either manually or by syncing your activities from your favorite fitness tracker or smartwatch.

After you reach Mt. Fuji's summit, you can celebrate your achievement with a stunning, limited edition Mount Fuji Virtual Challenge finisher's medal, which you can see being proudly displayed below recently by a couple friends of mine in Wisconsin!

Mount Fuji Virtual Challenge finishers
Mt. Fuji Virtual Challenge finishers with their gorgeous medals

Q: Was is Mt. Fuji's (富士山, Fuji-san) elevation?
A: At an elevation of 3776m (12,388 ft.), Mt. Fuji is not only the highest mountain in Japan, but along with Mt. Tateyama and Mt. Hakusan, it is one of Japan's "Three Holy Mountains" (三霊山, Sanreizan). It is also one of the 100 Famous Japanese Mountains (日本百名山, Nihon Hyaku-meizan).

Q: How many people climb Mt. Fuji every year?  (updated April 3, 2019)
A: According to the official climbing statistics collected by the National Parks of Japan, the number of Mt. Fuji climbers reached an all-time record of 320,975 climbers in 2010, before the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake & Tsunami. Although the number of climbers rebounded slightly in 2012, in 2015 only 234,217 folks scaled the peak, down for the 3rd consecutive year.

The number of climbers did increase slightly in 2016 and 2017, but are still at levels below the all-time 2010 peak. [There was a sharp dropoff in the number of climbers in 2018, but this was due in part to a counter problem on the Fujinomiya Route.]

It should be noted that this only includes Mt. Fuji climbers during the official climbing season. If one counts all the off-season climbing which occurs during the other 9.5 months of the year, one could argue even with a conservative guesstimate that at least 400,000 climbers trek up the slopes of Mt. Fuji every year. Wow.

And this doesn't even include the hundreds of thousands of tourists who visit the 5th stations every year by car or bus and who don't even climb Mt. Fuji. No wonder Mt. Fuji is generally regarded as the most visited mountain in the world.

More detailed and up-to-date Mt. Fuji climbing statistics and graphs by route, year, day, and time of day are shown below.

Q: When is Mt. Fuji's official climbing season?  (updated Sept. 13, 2021)
A: In 2014 and 2015, the Mt. Fuji climbing season for the main Yoshida Trail was from 7/1 till 9/14, but starting in 2016 the Yoshida Trail has closed on Sept. 10. Historically, the opening dates for the other 3 trails from Shizuoka Prefecture have varied every year depending on lingering snow conditions, as seen in the table below. But since the 2014 climbing season, these 3 Gotemba, Fujinomiya, and Subashiri trails were open from 7/10 - 9/10.

During the official summer climbing season, temperatures at the summit can be below freezing at night. Although it is possible to climb Mt. Fuji outside of the official climbing season (with permission from the Yamanashi Police Dept.), it is not recommended, as most facilities, including most mountain huts, are closed; weather conditions are unstable and unpredictable; rescue personnel are limited; climbing conditions may be extremely hazardous; and public transportation access is minimal. 

The following Mt. Fuji winter climb warning is from the Fujiyoshida City's official website:
Three Deadly Reasons to Stay off Mt. Fuji in the off-season:
● Avalanche. Mt. Fuji is the perfect domain for avalanches due to its steep slope and lack of vegetation. When a slab of ice breaks free, the hiker will be pummeled against snow, ice, and trees before being buried as if encased in wet concrete.
● Winds. Strong winds literally blow climbers off the slippery slopes. There have been several cases of tents flying off of the slopes with their occupants onboard.
● Hypothermia. Though not limited to the off-season, hypothermia is a life-threatening condition that proves fatal if not diagnosed and treated properly. It is the result of a hiker's core body temperature dropping and internal organs succumbing to the cold. (Source: City of Fujiyoshida)

The following excerpt appears on a sign just below Kengamine (剣ヶ峰, elev. 3776m), the highest point on Mt. Fuji's summit:

In the wintertime, Mt. Fuji weather conditions are extremely harsh. The maximum and minimum average temperatures at the summit are -15°C (5°F), and -22°C (-8°F), respectively. The average wind speed is 20 to 30 m/s (45 to 67 mph) with a 50% increase at the ridgeline. Mt. Fuji has heavy snowfall when low pressure systems pass in the winter. The forest reduces wind speeds below the 5th station, but they suddenly and drastically increase above timberline. The relative temperature falls by 1.0°C with every increase of 1.0 m/s (1.8°F per 2.2 mph) in wind speed.

I might add that Japanese climbers die from hypothermia ALL the time, even in July and August, so attempting Mt. Fuji in winter is a death wish, in my humble opinion. If climbing Mt. Fuji during the off-season, the Yamanashi and Shizuoka Police Depts. require this Mt. Fuji Climbing Plan form be filled out and emailed or faxed prior to your journey. Off-season climbers would also be well-advised to read this very informative pamphlet," Three Rules for Off-season Climbers of Mt. Fuji," prepared by prefectural officials.

A very excellent & informative piece was written recently by mountain climbing extraordinaire Mr. Chris White, identifying the hazards and risks of a winter ascent of Mt. Fuji titled "I want to climb Fuji in winter."  (added Aug. 11, 2014) 

The video below encapsulates in a short minute and a half just one of several reasons I've never climbed mountains in winter. Uh, no thanks.

Scary POV footage of ice climbing fall
(If the player above is not visible, you can view video at YouTube here.)

Not to belabor the point, but here is a pertinent news story related to off-season Mt. Fuji climbing about some Sasebo sailors who rescued a 60-year-old Japanese man who fell off the summit of Mt. Fuji in Dec. 2011:

Here's a video of that Japanese man in free fall down Mt. Fuji's slope, which Yamanashi Prefectural Police mountain rescue personnel refer to as "a tilted skating rink."

Finally, after 2015 kicked off disastrously with a rash of winter mountain climbing accidents in Japan, resulting in several deaths and missing climbers and nearly 30 more folks having to be rescued, Wes Lang, founder of the popular Hiking in Japan website and the over 2100-member Hiking in Japan Facebook group, felt motivated to put together these very useful Winter Hiking Tips.

Q: When are the best dates to climb during Mt. Fuji's climbing season?  (updated Mar. 16, 2017)
A: School is usually out from the Marine Day (海の日, Umi no Hi, 3rd Mon. in July) national holiday thru the end of August, so if you want to beat the crowds, before Marine Day on a weekday is best, but in years past, in early July you risked climbing Mt. Fuji on late lingering snow fields. Plus, in recent years the 3-day Marine Day weekend has become one of the busiest times of the entire season, so you'll want to avoid those 3 days at all costs. Also, try to skip the crazy busy Obon holiday period, usually sometime between Aug. 12-16, and weekends, especially Saturday nights.

Climbing Mt. Fuji
Climbing Mt. Fuji
(the trek to Mecca?)

During the 2010 climbing season on the main Yoshida trail, a record-high 100,000 climbers climbed Mt. Fuji in July. On average, more than 5,000 people climbed Mt. Fuji on Saturdays and Sundays and everyday during Obon. And on Sat. Aug. 21, a shocking 10,000 people (yes, you read that right) climbed Mt. Fuji on this one hiking trail alone.

More detailed and up-to-date Mt. Fuji climbing statistics and graphs by route, year, day, and time of day are shown below.

Q: Is there a choice of hiking trails when climbing Mt. Fuji?  (updated July 2, 2021)
A: Yes, there are 4 trails:
1) Yoshida Trail (by far the most popular (read: CROWDED), as it serves climbers from the Tokyo metropolitan area):
2) Fujinomiya Trail (the shortest route—4 hrs. 20 min.—and the highest starting elevation: 2400m):
(You can read the story of my August 2012 climb of the Fujinomiya Trail (pics, video, maps, and trail description) here: Climbing Mt. Fuji's Fujinomiya Trail)
July 2, 2021 update: Please note that due to suspected arson, the rest house at the 5th Station Fujinomiya trailhead was destroyed by fire in March 2021 and may take years to rebuild. The rest house was an important base for the trail with a store, restaurant, and toilets, and also served as a base for emergency response and disaster prevention. According to recent sources, temporary toilets were to be provided at the Fujinomiya trailhead.
3) Subashiri Trail (the tree line at 2700m is the highest on any route):
4) Gotemba Trail (the longest route—7 hrs. 30 min.—and the lowest starting elevation: 1440m):

Detailed Mt. Fuji trail maps for each of its 4 climbing routes are on Page 2 of 2.

Q: I'm planning to climb Mt. Fuji in early July. Will there still be snow on the trail?  (updated Mar. 3, 2020)
A: If you choose any of the Shizuoka trails, the answer will almost always be 'yes.' In 2012, the Fujinomiya Trail above the New 7th Station and the Subashiri Trail above the 7th Station weren't opened all the way to the summit until July 13, and the Gotemba Trail above the 6th Station wasn't opened until July 20.

In 2014, the 3 trails originating in Shizuoka Prefecture were scheduled to open on July 10, but due to late lingering snow, the opening dates for the Fujinomiya and Gotemba routes (all the way to the summit) were delayed until July 18, as shown below.

The main Yoshida Trail, the only Mt. Fuji trail originating in Yamanashi Prefecture, as a rule always opens on July 1, but as you can see below, in years past, the dates for when the 3 Shizuoka Prefecture trails opened all the way to the summit have varied considerably (even though for the past 5 years, it's consistently been July 10):

July 5
July 8
July 11
July 10
July 17
July 14
July 8
July 9
July 9
July 6
July 9
July 13
July 13
July 20
July 13
July 1
July 1
July 8
July 10
July 18
July 18
July 10
July 10
July 10
Opening Dates to the Mt. Fuji Summit for the 3 Shizuoka Trails

Q: How long does it take to climb Mt. Fuji and what is the elevation gain?  (updated Aug. 23, 2015)
A: Among the 4 climbing trails, on average it'll take about 6 hrs. 20 min. up and 3 hrs. 20 min. down. On the main Yoshida climbing course, if you're in good shape, from the 5th Station you should allow at least 6 hrs. up and about 3.5 hrs. down. You'll gain 1471 meters (4824 ft.), almost a vertical mile, which is comparable to climbing the 1250-ft-tall Empire State Building in New York City almost 4 times. Wow.

Mt. Fuji Yoshida Trail hiking times
Mt. Fuji Yoshida Trail climbing times
(Image credit: Dept. of Community & Environmental Affairs, Shizuoka Prefecture)

Q: What are the hiking distances from Mt. Fuji's 5th Stations to its summit and how steep are the various Mt. Fuji climbing trails?  (updated Aug. 12, 2021)
A: Here are some Mt. Fuji climbing trail stats which are a "happy average" I've compiled from various sources:

Mt. Fuji
5th Station
Elev. (m)
Gain (m)
Distance to rim/
Additional distance
to Kengamine
Yoshida 2305 1471 5.0/1.1 29.4 6:30 4:00
Fujinomiya 2400 1376 4.6/0.5 29.8 6:00 4:00
Subashiri 1970 1806 6.8/1.1 26.1 7:00 4:00
Gotemba 1440 2336 10.1/0.6 23.1 8:30 4:30

The Gotemba Trail is not only the longest Mt. Fuji climbing route, but because of the astounding, knee-knocking elevation gain involved, it takes top honors in that category as well. One thing you can look forward to on the downhill Gotemba Trail, though, is the Osunabashiri (sand slope, 大砂走り) which many climbers literally run down, descending 1110m from the 3030-m 7th Station to the 1920-m New 5.5th Station in only 70 minutes. Yee Hah!! smiley But take care of those knees and don't forget your gaiters!

[Note: The hiking distances and % grade numbers above were manually calculated in April 2019 by an amazing, kind-hearted systems administrator in New York who is "just happy to help out other hikers." Thanks, Amit!]

Q: What are the approximate distances between stations on Mt. Fuji's main Yoshida Trail?  (added July 2, 2017)

Uphill Yoshida Trail distances between stations (km)
Fuji Subaru Line 5th Station (富士スバルライン五合目)
6th Station (六合目)
7th Station (七合目) 1.8
Original 8th Station (本八合目) 1.1
8.5th Station (八合五勺) 0.4
Kusushi-dake (久須志岳) (near top of Yoshida Trail) 1.1
Kengamine summit (剣ヶ峰頂上) (elev. 3776 m)
Total Uphill Yoshida Trail Distance

Downhill Yoshida Trail distances between stations (km)
Kengamine summit (剣ヶ峰頂上) (elev. 3776 m) -
9th Station (九合目)
Original 8th Station (本八合目)
8th Station (八 合目) 0.2
7th Station (七合目)
6th Station (六合目) 1.1
Fuji Subaru Line 5th Station (富士スバルライン五合目)
Total Downhill Yoshida Trail Distance 8.2


Q: Are there some Mt. Fuji mountain huts where I can rest or sleep along the way?  (updated July 23, 2021)
A: Yes, but they can be very crowded (read: full) during climbing season. Believe it or not, this incredible mountain has over 40 mountain huts which sleep over 6400 people:

Route No. of huts Capacity
Yoshida 19 3528
Fujinomiya 9 1340
Subashiri 11 1145
Gotemba 4
Total 43 6402

On a separate page I've compiled a list of Mt. Fuji mountain huts for Yoshida and Fujinomiya Trails (updated July 2021) with website URLs, phone numbers, elevations, sleeping capacities, and opening/closing dates for the Yoshida huts. A detailed list of Mt. Fuji mountain huts for the 3 routes from Shizuoka Prefecture is linked from the mountain hut page above. Please note: most huts are now open till the end of the climbing season in September, so one way to escape the crowds is to consider climbing Mt. Fuji in early September. One hazard though is the frequent typhoons that normally blast thru Japan in September. frownie anime

Q: Is it necessary to make reservations at the Fuji-san mountain huts?  (updated July 4, 2014)
A: Yes, since its designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site on June 22, 2013, Mt. Fuji has become so popular that advance mountain hut reservations are imperative, because the huts are quite packed during climbing season. The average base weekday rate starts from ¥5500 per night, plus an optional ¥1000 for dinner, ¥1000 for breakfast, and an extra ¥1000-¥2000 for weekend nights. So staying on a Fri. or Sat. night with dinner and breakfast will run at least ¥8500. Some staff speak English in some of the huts.

Q: What kind of equipment is required for climbing Mt. Fuji?  (updated Mar. 16, 2020)
A: Because climbing any mountain will subject climbers to highly variable, unpredictable, and often extreme weather conditions, one should follow the Boy Scout motto and be prepared for any scenario. Accordingly, sturdy high-cut, waterproof hiking boots, gaiters (to keep your boots from filling up with small volcanic rocks on the way down), warm layered clothing, wick-dry underwear/undershirt, sweater/windbreaker, wool socks, gloves, sunglasses, hat (with hat clip to keep it from blowing away in strong winds), hiking stick (pole), flashlight or headlamp (with spare batteries), effective rain wear (both top and bottom....ponchos are no good!), camera (with extra battery and memory card), plastic bags to carry out your trash ("Pack it in, Pack it out!"), small first-aid kit (with aspirin for altitude sickness), toilet paper, hand towel, high-energy snacks (e.g. CalorieMate, sweets, nuts, chocolate), a change of clothing, and sunscreen are essential.

This cute graphic on what to wear up Mt. Fuji is courtesy of the discontinued site.

What to wear up Mt. Fuji
What to wear while climbing Mt. Fuji

You should also bring lots of cash (including ¥100 coins for the ¥200, pay-per-use eco-toilets) to buy stuff like souvenirs, to pay for the huts, to get stamps on your commemorative Mt. Fuji hiking stick ("kongouzue," 金剛杖), to eat a hot meal (curry rice or ramen may cost ¥1000), to mail a postcard from the summit, to catch a bus from the 5th stations, etc. ATMs are generally found in most Japanese convenience stores these days, but not all of them have 24-hour service. I also suggest you bring your own water, at least 2 liters per person, as you will have to fork over ¥500/bottle at the huts and vending machines, and there are generally no huts or watering spots along the "down" trails. Because Fuji-san is basically a "hike-up" climb (albeit a fairly steep one) with only some occasional scrambling, no technical equipment is required to climb Mt. Fuji.

Mt. Fuji walking stick
Mt. Fuji hiking sticks ("kongouzue," 金剛杖) are usually bought for around ¥1000 and can be stamped at each station for an additional ¥200 per stamp per station. Mt. Fuji walking sticks are available in various lengths, including 100cm, 130cm, and 145 cm.
(The pic above was taken Aug. 21, 2012 at the Fujinomiya 5th Station)

Q: What temperatures can I expect when climbing Mt. Fuji?
A: The average temperature during the climbing season at the summit is between 5-8° C (41-46° F), but it sometimes drops below freezing. So if there's a strong wind, it can not only feel quite frigid, but expose climbers to hypothermia. During August at Mt. Fuji's summit, the average high temperature is 9.3° C (~49° F) and the average low temperature is 3.6° C (~38° F). Temperatures at the top are generally about 20° C (36° F) less than at the base, or 10° C (18° F) less than at the 5th Station.

Mt. Fuji average & record temperatures
Mt. Fuji average & record temperatures
(Source: Wikipedia)

Interestingly, the highest temperature ever recorded on Mt. Fuji's summit was only 17.8° C (64° F). And I was amazed to see that already in Oct. the average HIGH temperature is below freezing!

Q: Where can I see current weather conditions and/or weather forecasts for climbing Mt. Fuji?  (updated Feb. 27, 2021)
A: Mt. Fuji summit: (6-day forecast)
Mt. Fuji summit: (hourly observations)
Forecast for Yamanashi Prefecture: (added Aug. 19, 2012)
Fujiyoshida City (near Mt. Fuji): (Japanese)

View detailed snow forecast for Mount Fuji at:
(updated every 4 hours)

Q: How do I reach Mt. Fuji's 5th Stations (Gogōme, 五合目)?  (updated July 26, 2021)
A: For those climbing the main Yoshida route, from Tokyo you can catch a highway bus from the new Busta Shinjuku bus terminal, located across from the south exit of Shinjuku Station, directly up to Fujisan's Fuji Subaru Line 5th Station. During most of the summer climbing season, buses run 4 times everyday, departing Shinjuku from 6:45 till 14:45, and the bus trip to the Mt. Fuji 5th Station takes about 2.5 hrs. and costs ¥2950.

Return buses back to Shinjuku also take 2.5 hrs. and depart the 5th Station 4 times a day from 10:00 till 17:00 during the summer climbing season. More details on bus schedules to the Fuji Subaru Line 5th Station are here and reservations for the Shinjuku to 5th Station highway bus can be made online up to one month in advance here.

From 2014-2018, the JR Narita Express railway service ran from Narita Airport all the way to Kawaguchiko Station at the base of Mt. Fuji, offering travelers a way to skip Tokyo altogether along with its congested railway interchanges. But even though that direct train service is no longer available as of 2019, you can catch 12 express buses per day from Narita Airport to Kawaguchiko Station, and 6 buses per day for the return trip back to Narita. The one-way fare for the approximate 3.5-hr. bus trip runs ¥4800 and reservations can be made up to 1 month in advance by phone or online. More details including the route map, timetable, and fares are here:

Other options for bus service to the Mt. Fuji area, including from various points in Tokyo such as Shibuya, Shinjuku, Akihabara, Tokyo Station, and Haneda Airport, can be accessed here:

If you want to go by car via the Fuji Subaru toll road to the 5th Station, in 2021 the toll will you back ¥2100 and please be aware that the road will closed to private vehicles for 42 straight days from 3 am on Wed. July 21, 2021 till 6 pm on Tues. Aug. 31, 2021. But parking is available for ¥1000 in the Yamanashi Prefecture's Mt. Fuji (Fujisan) Parking lot, formerly named Fujihokuroku parking area (北麓駐車場), near the Fuji Yoshida I.C. (interchange) where you can catch a 45-min. shuttle bus to the Fuji Subaru Line 5th Station between 7/21 and 8/31, for ¥1470 one-way or ¥2100 roundtrip. The 2021 Mt. Fuji Parking lot to 5th Station shuttle bus schedule is here. The Google map for the Mt. Fuji Parking lot is here.

As for the other Mt. Fuji climbing routes:
How to access the Mt. Fuji Fujinomiya trail 5th Station
How to access the Mt. Fuji Gotemba trail 5th Station
How to access the Mt. Fuji Subashiri trail 5th Station

Also, an amazing PDF showing 2019 bus schedules to the 5th Stations for all 4 Mt. Fuji trails, including express buses from nearby airports, can be viewed here. [Buses to the 3 trails from Shizuoka were suspended during 2020 due to Covid-19.]

Q: What are the elevations of Mt. Fuji's 5th Stations?
A: From highest to lowest...
Fujinomiya Trail - 2400m
Yoshida Trail - 2305m
Subashiri Trail - 2000m
Gotemba Trail - 1440m

Q: What kinds of services and facilities will I find at the Fuji Subaru Line 5th Station?  (updated July 1, 2018)
A: The Fuji Subaru Line 5th Station is a city in and of itself, so before you set out to climb Mt. Fuji, you'll find just about anything and everything you need....convenience stores, restaurants, souvenir shops, toilets, firemen, police, mountain huts, guidance center, post office, shrine, coin lockers, prefectural management office, and even a viewing platform.

Mt. Fuji 5th Station Guide Map
Mt. Fuji 5th Station Guide Map (富士山五合目案内図)
(compass direction "north" faces downward)
(image credit:

Quite a stark contrast, in fact, to how it appeared over 50 years ago... smiley

Mt. Fuji 5th Station in 1963
Mt. Fuji 5th Station in 1963
(photo courtesy: Joe Sanders - Don't miss Joe's amazing story of his 3 attempts at scaling Fuji-san, the last time successfully in 1964 while he was an airman 2nd class at Yokota U.S. Air Base!)

July 1, 2018 update:
-Starting from July 1, a manned currency exchange center will be introduced onto the 1st floor of Fujikyu Unjokaku which will handle 158 different currencies, every day during climbing season from 7:00am-10:00pm.
-Fujikyu Unjokaku’s capsule hotel service Mt. Fuji Lodge is introducing an online booking system. Bookings will take place on the Fujikyu Unjokaku website and can be made in Japanese or English – with credit and debit cards, too (also with non-Japanese online travel agents such as Expedia and Agoda).

Q: What kinds of services and facilities will I find at Mt. Fuji's summit?  (updated August 17, 2018)
A: You'll find food vendors, coffee, noodle shops, and.....(do I dare say it?).....even vending machines (with drinks for ¥500). When I climbed Mt. Fuji, I even mailed a postcard from the summit to my friend in California. Can you imagine how cool it'd be to receive a postcard that is postmarked from the highest post office in Japan? Yeah! If you have an extra 60-90 min. to kill, you can also hike around the summit crater, known as "Ohachimeguri (お鉢めぐり, お鉢巡り)," meaning in Japanese "to go around the bowl." Click thumbnail below to view a larger, detailed trail map for Mt. Fuji's Ohachimeguri:

Mt. Fuji Ohachi Meguri trail map
Ohachimeguri (お鉢めぐり) trail map
(click to view full-size map)
(1.5-hr. hiking course around Mt. Fuji's summit crater)

As you can see in the above Ohachimeguri trail map, the rim of Mt. Fuji's summit crater actually has 8 peaks. In clockwise order, they are:
1) Kengamine (剣ヶ峰, elev. 3776m, Japan's highpoint)
2) Hakusandake (白山岳)
3) Kusushidake (久須志岳)
4) Joujugatake (成就岳)
5) Izugatake (伊豆岳)
6) Asahidake (朝日岳)
7) Sengendake (浅間岳)
8) Mishimagatake (三島岳)

Detailed Mt. Fuji trail maps for each of its 4 climbing routes are on Page 2 of 2.

Q: What time of day is the best time to climb Mt. Fuji?  (updated July 19, 2019)
A: Because most people want to arrive at the summit for sunrise, climbing Mt. Fuji at night, especially around midnight, is among the busiest and most crowded times on the trails. If you want to avoid the crowds, a Mt. Fuji trek during the daytime is probably better (around 4 pm would be a notable exception), but I must admit, the unobstructed view of the sunrise is awesome.

When I climbed Mt. Fuji on the first Saturday in August, my friends and I left the Fuji Subaru 5th Station around 10:15 pm and arrived at Mt. Fuji's summit just before sunrise around 4:55 am. By that time a layer of clouds had formed near the base of the peak, so the sun actually rose above the clouds, like the view you sometimes see from airplanes flying above the clouds. The Japanese call this phenomenon "unkai (雲海)," meaning "sea of clouds."

Mt. Fuji's "unkai" (sea of clouds)
Mt. Fuji's "unkai (雲海)" (sea of clouds)

Another option is to start climbing Mt. Fuji from the 5th Station in the late morning, arrive at the top for the equally beautiful sunset, sleep overnight at the top, catch the sunrise the next morning, and then head back down during the day. This Mt. Fuji Climbing Guide has some recommended plans for climbing Mt. Fuji, depending on how many days you have and what time of day you want to start hiking. [Sunrise/sunset times for the Mt. Fuji climbing season are shown on Page 2 of 2.]

Also, since the Fuji Subaru Line 5th Station is the staging area for most climbing tour groups, many tours gather there before and after noon, and then after staying a while for acclimatization, they hit the trail.

Therefore, the most congested time zone at the 6th Station is from 12:00-14:00 pm. The hours with the most number of climbers passing by the 6th Station in 2018 were:

 Busiest hour: 13-14 pm
 2nd busiest hour: 12-13 pm
 3rd busiest hour: 11-12 am
 4th busiest hour: 14-15 pm
 5th busiest hour: 15-16 pm

If you leave the 5th station by 10 am, you shouldn't encounter any major congestion issues. (Source: Fujiyoshida City Fujisan Inspection Section)

More details below in the next question.

Q: How can I avoid the crowds when climbing Mt. Fuji?  (updated Oct. 12, 2021)
A: In short, to avoid the crowds when climbing Mt. Fuji, don't climb on the weekends or holidays (especially Saturdays), late in the afternoon or around midnight, during the 3-day Marine Day (海の日, Umi no Hi, 3rd Mon. in July) weekend or the Obon holidays in mid-August (usually around Aug. 10-15). Below are some interesting charts compiled courtesy, with permission, of the National Parks of Japan, showing statistics for Mt. Fuji climbers by route over the past several years, based on data recorded by infrared counters near the 8th station on all 4 mountain trails.

Number of 2011-2021 Mt. Fuji climbers by year and route
Number of 2011-2021 Mt. Fuji climbers by year and route

全体 = Total  
吉田ルート = Yoshida route
須走ルート = Subashiri route

御殿場ルート = Gotemba route
富士宮ルート = Fujinomiya route

During the July 1 - Sept. 10, 2021 Mt. Fuji climbing season, there was a total of 78,548 Mt. Fuji climbers, about only 33% of the 235,646 climbers in 2019 (the 2020 season was closed due to COVID). This number is the lowest since the earliest available records from 1981. The breakdown of 2021 Mt. Fuji climbers by trail was 54,392 (~69% of total) on the Yoshida route, 6411 (~8%) on the Subashiri route, 6336 (~8%) on the Gotemba route, and 11,409 (~15%) on the Fujinomiya route.

Of these approximate 79,000 Mt. Fuji climbers in 2021, the busiest climbing period was Aug. 21-31 with around 20,300 climbers, the 2nd busiest was Aug. 1-10 with around 13,300 climbers, and the 3rd busiest was July 21-31 with around 13,200 climbers.

The busiest 2021 Mt. Fuji climbing day was Sat. Aug. 28.

In Mt. Fuji's 2021 climbing season, the average daily number of climbers on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays was 1843, nearly twice (183%) the weekday average of 1007 climbers per day. 

Number of 2021 Mt. Fuji climbers by day and route
Number of Mt. Fuji climbers in 2021 by day and route
(Notes: (1) Not surprisingly, the busiest climbing days were on the weekends, especially Saturdays.
(2) The green 'X's above represent days when the counter on the Gotemba trail malfunctioned.
(3) The counter on the Fujinomiya trail was not functional till Aug. 3, so total 2021 numbers for this trail are understated, which in turn affects the total number of climbers on all 4 trails as well.
(4) If you want to totally geek out and drill down to even more detailed 2021 Mt. Fuji traffic statistics by day and route, check out this beautiful, color-coded pdf.)

Number of 2019 & 2021 Mt. Fuji climbers by time of day and route
Number of Mt. Fuji climbers in 2019 & 2021 by time of day and route
(solid lines=2021; dashed lines=2019)

Ministry of the Environment officials guesstimate that the big spike from 15:00 to 17:00 pm in the afternoon can be attributed to climbers staying in huts at the 8th station or higher, the 23:00 pm to 1:00 am spike is mostly climbers who are hopeful of catching the sunrise from the summit, and the minor peak from 9:00 to 11:00 am is likely day-trip climbers.

All charts and Mt. Fuji climbing statistics above are courtesy, with permission, of the National Parks of Japan and can be viewed in their entirety (in Japanese) here.

In June 2021 the Fujisan World Cultural Heritage Council posted on their website tips (containing the congestion calendar below) on how to best avoid congestion during the 2021 Mount Fuji climbing season.

2021 Mt. Fuji congestion calendar
2021 Mt. Fuji congestion calendar
(photo credit: Fujisan World Cultural Heritage Council)

The 2018 congestion calendar stated that one of the dangers of climbing the busiest and most congested Yoshida Trail is: "Being in high risk of falling over like dominoes or hit by falling rocks." As one of my Facebook friends aptly commented, "It makes one almost want to be a part of it." Ha-ha. laughing icon

On July 1, 2021, Fuji-san's official site posted the graphic below of the forecasted most crowded 2021 times of day from the 8th station to the summit for all 4 trails.

Mt. Fuji trail crowdedness map
Mt. Fuji trail crowdedness map
(image credit: official Fujisan site)

In short, without having to geek out too much:
Gotemba Trail: no problem
Fujnomiya Trail: only congested near the summit at sunrise
Yoshida & Subashiri Trails: from where they merge at the 8th Station to the summit, congested from 2-6 am and severely congested from 3-5 am

Many more questions continued on Page 2.
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Hi Gary, Very impressive and helpful site! My husband and I are booked to stay in Fuji-Yoshida and had planned to climb in one day. We are looking for …

Which one of these 2 options do you recommend in regards to Gotemba Trail? 
Wonderful information you have provided here. Thanks a million. I have 1 question please: ​​Which one of these 2 options do you recommend in regards to …

Is there a reason why the Mt. Fuji indicated climbing times are so long? 
Hey Gary, I'm a 31 years old french guy, fond of hiking. I am planning my trip to Japan (next week!!) and I found your blog..wonderful many …

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How crowded will the Subashiri trail and the summit be on a weekday? 
Hi Gary, My friend and I are making our way up Fuji via the Subashiri route this July and was wondering ​​how crowded the trail and the summit would …

What's the best way to get back to Shinjuku from Mt. Fuji's 5th Station? 
First off - love the site. I've been on this site for the past 5 hours and the information here is phenomenal. Scenario: a friend and I were planning …

How do I get to the Mt. Fuji 5th station with a JR Rail Pass?  
Hello! How do I get to the Mt. Fuji 5th station with a JR Rail Pass? Does the bus service from Kawaguchiko Station to the 5th station accept the JR Rail …

How about starting from Fujinomiya 5th station and connecting with the Gotemba trail 6th station... at night? 
Hello Gary! Thanks for your wonderful website! I organized my 2014 climb by reading all your stories and tips and thanks to this, my climb was PERFECT! …

How long will it take to climb the Yoshida trail during the day? 
Hi Gary! I've thought of climbing the Mt. Fuji Yoshida trail on a Saturday, maybe July 18 or 25. I've heard that it takes around 5 hours to ascend, …

Can I hike up the Yoshida Trail and down the Gotemba Trail in early July before the Gotemba Trail officially opens? 
We would like to hike up the Yoshida Trail and down the Gotemba Trail on July 7. We understand the Yoshida Trail will be "open" but we are wondering if …

What should I wear when climbing Mt. Fuji?  
I am sending my daughter and want to make sure I pack what she needs.

Which is your favorite Mt. Fuji route? 
Gary, great website! Which is your favorite Mt. Fuji route? I'm looking to go on 30th or 31st July which is a weekday with my two fit boys aged 13 and …

How far is it from the Yoshida 10th station to the Fujikan summit mountain hut? 
Hi Gary! Lovely site you have here! My friends and I are climbing on the 18th of July (Saturday), and I'm so glad to know you stayed at the same …

​How can I tell the current Mt. Fuji pressure readings? 
Thanks for this informative website. I will be climbing Mt. Fuji on July 20th and descending on the 21st. I have done so much research, and now I see …

Are there any stations open on the Fujinomiya trail after the close of climbing season? 
Hi Gary, in the shoulder period in late Sept. (after the close of the official season), are there any stations open on the Fujinomiya trail? Thanks, …

Is calling the Mt. Fuji huts the only way to place a reservation? 
Thank you for posting so much useful information. My girlfriend and I are planning to hike Mt. Fuji in August - ​​are calling the huts the only way to …

Will the mountain huts at the various stations be open from June 25? 
Hi.... Thank you for a very insightful blog.... I wanted to know if the mountain huts at the various stations will be open from June 25 on....I wanted …

Will we be charged the 1000 yen admission to just go up to the 6th Station to look around? 
Hi, I'll be driving past Fuji-San in late June 2015 and was wondering if you know whether we would be charged the full 1000 yen admission fee if we just …

Is there an overnight Mt. Fuji tour you recommend? 
Thank you so much for your very informative website. I wished I had found it sooner. I​ ​am a Canadian Scouter (64 y.o.) taking another 20 members ranging …

What is the Mt. Fuji mountain hut price for a private tour?  
Hello Gary, I am writing from a travel agency in Lithuania. My 3 clients are interested in climbing to Fuji mountain. Date 09-07-2015 with 1 night in …

How far in advance do we need to book the Mt. Fuji mountain huts? 
Hi Gary, firstly, great website! Thank you very much for the effort you've put in to it! I was just wondering rounghly ​​how far in advance we need …

When will the Fujinomiya Trail open? 
First, thank you for this very informative site. I’m looking forward to reading your e-book, if I can figure out Smashwords. (Is it available on Kindle?) …

Up Fujinomiya, Down Yoshida? Loner vs. Climb Buddy? 
Hi Gary, your site has been a wealth of info, so thanks for that. I think I'm sold on the sunrise hike, but plan to climb to catch the sunset and catch …

Is it possible to climb Fuji-san in the last week of June? 
Hi Gary, First of all, thanks a lot for excellent compilation of the information, it's really helpful. I have one question, I am going to have a very …

Is it possible to ascend the Yoshida trail and descend the Fujinomiya trail? 
Hi there. My girlfriend and I are looking to climb Mount Fuji midweek in July. We are hoping to set off from the 5th station and walk the Yoshida trail …

​​How can I get from Gotemba Station to Sengen Shrine really early in the morning on my climbing day? 
Gary, First, thanks for all the great information you provide with your website. It's the best source of information I've found anywhere on climbing …

Which Mt. Fuji station is the best to sleep at in order to catch sunrise at the summit? 
Hello! Your website is so informational! Thanks a lot! I'm planning to climb Mt. Fuji in 2 days which is from 9-10 July. I will take the most popular Yoshida …

Where can we store our backpacks while climbing Mt. Fuji? 
Dear Gary Wolff, Your site is amazing! Tons of great info. I do have a question that I am hoping you can help me with. I am planning on climbing …

Can I climb Mount Fuji without a guide? 
Basically I would like to know if I can climb Mount Fuji without a guide, i.e. all the way from Tokyo to the 5th Station and then book the hut at the 8th …

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What kind of food can we expect at Mt. Fuji mountain huts?  
Hi! We already made our reservation for Tomoekan 8th station on the 5th of July taking the Yoshida trail. Is it advisable to place our reservation …

How do you make reservations for Mt. Fuji mountain huts? 
My husband and I really want to climb Mount Fuji when we visit in July/Aug. However, It seems impossible to make a reservation for a space at a mountain …

Can we hike up the Gotemba trail and down the Yoshida trail? 
Hi Gary, Thanks for your informative post. It's made me even more excited about climbing Mt. Fuji this year. Do you know if it's possible to climb up …

Can we start climbing Mt. Fuji on the evening of June 30? 
The trail opens on July 1st. Is that as of midnight? Will huts be available? Because we were thinking of climbing overnight starting at night on June 30 …

Mt. Fuji mountain hut availability at night 
Dear Gary, First of all, thank you so much for all the information you provide over here. It really makes planning your trip so much easier. I have …

Does Mt. Fuji and its transport there close on national holidays? 
A friend and I was wondering if we would be able to walk up Mt. Fuji on the 20th July which happens to be a national holiday. And if transport links there …

Is it more advisable to stay in the Mt. Fuji area or travel from Tokyo? 
For a once in a lifetime trip (early September), I hope to spend a week in Tokyo and almost a week hiking and bicycling in the Mt. Fuji area, including …

Walking route from central Tokyo to Mt. Fuji  
Is it possible to walk from Tokyo to the summit of Mt. Fuji? Are there roads all the way?

​​We want to start climbing Mt. Fuji from the bottom of the mountain 
Hi Gary, Your website has been very helpful. However, I do have a few questions. ​​We wanted to start climbing from the bottom of the mountain. Do …

Options for booking a mountain hut on the Mt. Fuji Gotemba Route? 
Hi Gary, Thank you for posting all this very useful information on Fuji-san. A group of us is planning to climb the Gotemba route at the end of …

Can I hike from Sengen Shrine up to the Mt. Fuji 5th station in mid March? 
I'd like to hike up half of Mt. Fuji while I'm there in mid-March. Would I be able to leave from Sengen Shrine, and hike only to the Fuji Subaru Line …

I plan to climb Mt. Fuji sometime between September 20-30, 2015. Is it possible? 
I plan to climb Mt. Fuji sometime between September 20-30, 2015. Is it possible? I know that the climbing season is closing at the end of September. …

Is it possible to climb Mt. Fuji in mid-June? 
Hi Gary - thanks for your great website. I will be in Japan in mid-June of this year, and it looks like my window would be from the 15th-19th of June. …

When does the Mt. Fuji 5th Station open in 2015? 
Hi, When does the 5th Station open in 2015? I am planning a trip to Mt. Fuji, most likely would be taking a tour from Tokyo. Would March …

Is it possible to climb Mt. Fuji in February alone without being part of a tour? 
Hi Gary, Is it possible to climb Mt. Fuji in February alone without being part of a tour or is the mountain closed during these times? Thanks in …

When will the Mt. Fuji summit post office be open in 2015? 
Where can I find the service date of the Mt. Fuji summit post office in 2015? Many thanks!!

Can we leave our backpack in the mountain hut when we go up to the Mt. Fuji summit?  
Hi Gary. Can we leave our backpacks in the mountain hut when we go up to the summit? Of course we will collect it on the way down.

Is it OK to climb Mt. Fuji on October 25? 
I'll be in Tokyo the week of Oct. 20. I'm wondering if I can plan to climb Mount Fuji on Sat. Oct. 25? It's out of season, but not winter. Your thoughts …

Up and down Mt. Fuji in a day and nearly getting lost... 
Thank you for an excellent resource about climbing Mt Fuji. Didn't have the time to go through all the details before I did the climb, but on hindsight …

Can I get driving directions from Central Tokyo to the Yoshida Trail 5th Station?  
We will be staying at the New Sanno Hotel and driving to the 5th station to get on the Yoshida trail. Any help is appreciated! Thank you!

How hard is it to get down Mt. Fuji if you're already scared of heights? 
Which is worse? Going up or coming down? Any suggestions?

Do the Mt. Fuji 5th Station climbing buses really travel there in winter? 
Hey, I just checked out And I would like to confirm if the buses really do travel there in the winter. …

Can I climb Mt. Fuji if pregnant? 
Would you recommend climbing Mt. Fuji if pregnant? I hiked up Machu Pichu (Peru) 3 years back while I was 8 weeks pregnant (21 miles over 3 days). …

Closing dates for the Subashiri trail mountain huts? 
Hi Gary, Do you have any info about the huts on the Subashiri trail? I'm planning to hike it on 24th August - I'd like to know if the huts will still …

Parking for Mt. Fuji's Fujinomiya Trail 5th Station 
Someone mentioned the Mizugazuka parking area with shuttles that go to the Fujinomiya 5th station. Do you have any more details? For Yamanashi Prefecture, …

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Need details on climbing from the Fujinomiya 5th station 
We are planning to start hiking from the Fujinomiya 5th station at around 10 pm (so that we can catch the sunrise) on 28th August 2014. Could you help …

Can you do a traverse of Mt. Fuji (Yoshida to Gotemba)? 
Planning to do the traditional 2-day route up Mt. Fuji on Sept. 8-9 with a friend and am thinking of descending via the Gotemba trail and catching the …

Can I still climb Mt. Fuji between 10 to 15 Sept.? 
Hi, I will be in Japan for work trip from 5 to 10th Sept. after which I am extending till 15 Sept. My question: What are the possibilities of climbing …

Sunset from Munatsuki-sanso 
Hi Gary, just stumbled on your site and is great! Just wondering do you think it's possible to take the Fujinomiya trail and check in at Munatsuki Sanso, …

How easy is it to get from Mt. Fuji to other places in Japan? 
Does one have to go back to Tokyo for continuing to Kyoto, Nagoya, or Osaka or is it possible to take buses or train to other cities in Japan?

Can Fujinomiya trail mountain huts be booked or do you just turn up to them? 
Hey Gary! Thanks so much for sharing your Mt. Fuji climbing experience, it's really inspiring and has just further solidified my desire to climb it! …

Is it safe to climb Mt. Fuji during 50-60 km/h winds? 
Dear Gary, Thank you for the very comprehensive information about mountains and hiking in Japan. I'm planning to climb Mt Fuji and it seems that the …

Can you backpack a 3-yr-old to the summit of Mt. Fuji, if taking off from the 5th station? 
We have a nice hiking backpack, and was wondering if anyone has ever tried to hike their toddler to the top of Mt. Fuji?

Can we go to the Mt. Fuji 5th Station with a 2-year-old? 
Is there any problem taking small children up to the 5th Station?

When will Mt. Fuji's Gotemba Trail open this year? 
I'm getting mixed messages. Will the Gotemba route open July 10th this year? Thanks, Jen

When will the post office on Mt. Fuji's summit be open? 
Hi Gary, Do you know if Mt. Fuji's summit post office will open at the same time as the Shizuoka Prefecture side of Mt. Fuji, i.e. July 10th (for 2014)? …

Will Yoshida trail amenities, buses, etc. still run up until the 9/14 closing date? 
Hi Gary, I'm planning a trip to Japan in September and this site is proving very useful for the Fujiyama part! A quick clarification, when you say the …

Are there places to rent gear (i.e. hiking boots, warm jackets) as I have limited luggage capacity. 
Dear C. Klipp, The info in a question I answered last summer might help you: …

How to get to Fujinomiya trail 5th station from Chubu airport? 
Would like to go to Mt. Fuji Fujinomiya trail 5th station, but i will be coming from Chubu Centrair international airport. Would like to ask how to get …

Safe to climb Mt. Fuji on Sept. 16, 2 days after the official season ends? 
Hello Gary, First, thank you for your site! it's really helpful! :) Second, I wanted to ask a question. Me and my sister will arrive at Mt. Fuji …

What can I do to kill time in the hut from 6 pm till midnight? 
If I arrive at the Mt. Fuji 8th station at 6 pm and head off for the summit at midnight, there is no point sleeping because it's too early and I wouldn't …

How do you go to the toilet on the Mt. Fuji Yoshida Trail before July 10th? 
"Please note, however, that even though the main Yoshida Trail will be open to the summit as of July 1, all huts, restrooms, and other facilities above …

Could you recommend some clean onsen hotels near Fujiyoshida or Lake Kawaguchi?  
Gary, I appreciate all the work you've done on your website. I am impressed! I have been working with a travel agent for weeks and she's still not arranged …

2014 main Yoshida trail opening on track? 
Hi Gary, Do you think the 2014 trail opening is still on track for July 1st 2014 for the main Yoshida trail? I know that earlier in the year there …

If we climb up for the sunset, will we have enough time to get back down before dark?  
If my husband and I climb up for the sunset, will we have enough time to get back down before dark? This would be during the last week In August 2014. …

Where to start climbing Mt. Fuji from the base? 
hello. i think a big part of doing this for me is to -do it-. i want to climb the whole thing, not just from the popular station 5 to top. is it possible …

Can we climb Mt. Fuji around 20 June 2014? 
Hello! I saw your post on Mt. Fuji! I'm actually a student touring Japan before my summer school starts. So my friends and I can only climb Mt. Fuji …

Can you climb Mt. Fuji from Sengen Shrine in Fujinomiya? 
Do you know if you are able to start climbing from Sengen Shrine in Fujinomiya? I heard that it is only roads until the 5th station, then you can climb. …

Advice on the direction I should take coming down Mt. Fuji and heading to Hiroshima?  
I found your website somehow and it is full of great and useful information, which I deeply appreciate. Since you seem pretty knowledgeable, can you give …

Hiking time from Kawaguchiko 5th Station to Seikanso mountain hut? 
hi gary and everyone. i am not planning climb to the summit. however, i would like to stay a night at the seikanso mountain hut at the 6th station. i would …

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Renting winter climbing gear 
Hi everyone. I am planning on climbing Mt. Fuji this year on the 23rd of April (or around abouts). I have done a significant amount of ice climbing here …

How to obtain a certificate for my Mt. Fuji climb? 
Gary, Excellent web site. When I was stationed in South Korea (1960/61) in U.S. Army, I climbed Mt. Fuji. I brought my walking stick with all the brands …

Do they require 100 yen coins for the branding of your hiking stick? 
Hi Gary, Firstly, like everyone else, thank you so much for such an informative website and especially for keeping it updated as you do. I really appreciate …

Is it possible to climb Mt. Fuji in April on my own? 
Congratulations on your website, by far the most comprehensive resource I've found so far on Mt Fuji facts and information, specially in English. Thank …

Is there an alternative activity at Mt. Fuji in the off-season? 
Since it's dangerous for casual non-pro climbers to go up Mt. Fuji in the off-season, are there alternative activities or sites to go to that's related …

How do you say fifth (5th) station in Japanese? 
I only have a simple question. Extra space not necessary. Thank you.

Would it be a stupid idea to climb Mt. Fuji in the last week of February? 
I am likely to be in Japan from the 20th of February to the 2nd of March. Do you think that it's possible to climb Mount Fuji during this period or is …

Is there a way to make a reservation at a Mt. Fuji mountain hut on line? 
Hi Gary, Is there a way to make a reservation at a mountain hut on line? Do you know how far in advance they take reservations? I tried looking at …

Is it safe to climb Mount Fuji the last week of October? 
We are 4 students and would like to climb to Mount Fuji the third week of October. We have read conflicting stories about not being safe to do that. Three …

How difficult is it to gain access to the trails after September 23rd? 
Hiya, I arrive in Tokyo on September 23rd and would love to climb Fuji. It shouldn't be a problem in terms of fitness and equipment and hopefully the weather, …

Lost and Found on Mt. Fuji 
I’m embarrassed to admit that the first time I climbed Mt. Fuji was with a guided tour. I had been invited to join by my girlfriend, herself having been …

Climbing Fuji last weekend of September 
Hi Gary, First, many thanks for the great resource in your website! My question is sort of similar to some others, but slightly different which is …

Which trail down is easier on the knees? 
When I read that the Subashiri trail had sand, I thought that would be less jarring and thus easier on the knees, but I read someone commenting that it …

Fuji Attempt in September 2013 
Hello all, Thanks for all the good info here. I'd like to ask the experienced climbers about their hikes and some concerns. I am arriving in Osaka …

How can I climb Mt. Fuji in only 1 day in mid-September? 
Hi Gary, Your site is a wonderful resource for those of us looking to make the journey up Fuji-san. I am considering making the trip in mid-september. …

Arriving NRT @ 16:45. Transport to Fuji? 
Arriving NRT 16:45, figuring 1 hr customs and then what is the fastest way to Shinjuku to catch the bus to Fuji? Should we take the bus directly to …

Are taxis allowed on the road up to Kawaguchiko 5th station?  
Dear Gary, we - 2 austrian honeymooners - are coming to mt. fuji in the middle of august. we are both experienced hikers and reasonably fit. we want …

What is the best way to go see Mt. Fuji at the end of October? 
Hi, my husband and I are visiting Tokyo at the end of October. We really want to see Mt. Fuji if it's possible and want to know the best possible day trip …

Can I rent simple boots/jacket and trousers to climb Mt. Fuji?  
Hi, I'm wondering if you can advise. I'm bicycle touring around southern Japan and very keen to climb Mt. Fuji on the last few days. Problem is due …

My Night Climb on Aug. 1, 2013 
I successfully climbed Mt. Fuji for the second time with two other comrades from different countries. I guided them on the popular Yoshida trail from the …

What is the best time to hike up for sunrise? 
Hi Gary, How are you? I am planing to do a day trip to hike Mt Fuji. Last year, i hiked Mt. Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. My speed is 8 hours hike to laban …

Are there shuttles running to the Mt. Fuji 5th station all night? 
I am planning on going to Fuji and was going to leave tokyo after 7:30 pm which is past the time for last bus out of Shinjuku station. If I take the Chuo …

How to get from Highland Fuji-Q Hotel to Subashiri 5th Station? 
My husband and me with our 3 year old daughter are traveling from Tokyo to Kawaguchiko on the 18th and leave on 20th from the area. We have booked the …

Climbing up Mt. Fuji, but not sleeping in a hut. Can I sleep on the ground outside? 
I'm going to climb Mt. Fuji in mid August and plan to climb during night so I can see the sun rise. But I don't want to pay for the huts, so I plan to …

Is it ok to take a 2-day hike and watch the sunrise from the top? 
Hi, We are going to be in Tokyo from September 7th until the 14th. Do you believe it would be ok to take a two day hike and watch the sunrise from the …

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How to find the Yoshidaguchi Climbing Trail from the Fuji-san train station? 
Hi Gary, I am an ambitious mountaineer from Austria/Tirol. I am coming to Japan from the 22nd to 31st of August. In the first days I will climbing …

Do you have any recommendations of a tour that we can join from Kawaguchiko? 
Hi, my friend and I are planning to climb Mt. Fuji on 8-9 Aug 13. We will leave from Tokyo, but would like to continue our journey to Osaka after the descent …

Is there a place in Tokyo where I can purchase isobutane-propane canisters? 
Aloha Gary, I'm planning to climb Fuji-san in Mid-July (2013). I'm thinking about bringing my Jetboil stove to heat water for a couple of freeze-dried …

Mount Fuji-san off-season 
I would like to climb Mount Fuji on September 26 and I will be alone. I found your site on Google, and I want to hire a guide to climb with me. Do …

Is there parking at the Yoshida Trail Sengen Shrine? 
I own a car here in Japan and would like to do the traditional climb. Is there a place I can park my car for about two days to go up and down the mountain? …

The shuttle bus from Kawaguchiko station is not very frequent and I am concerned about being able to get on it 
Hi Gary. Great site, really useful stuff. In August we're planning to stay at the base overnight and climb during the day. This will mean getting a …

Can you suggest other ways to get mountain hut reservations?  
Your website is full of valuable info. I asked a friend to call all the 8th and 7th station huts for the days I can climb (July 28, 27, 29) and nothing …

Mount Fuji Walking Stick Query 
Hello, I was curious, is there a certain timeframe in which you can get your stick branded during july-august or is it 24 hours a day that you can have …

Can I climb in early September?  
Can I climb Mt. Fuji in early September? Thanks, Sam

Can I use the lockers for more than 24 hours & will there be an extra charge? 
Gary, I read your site information on lockers. I will be coming from a business meeting and I will have a suitcase and laptop. If I put them in a locker …

Start climbing on 1st July or 2nd Sept. - Would it be less crowded on either these two dates? 
Hi Gary, First, I want to thank you for a great website. It is very informative that it is like a one-stop site for info relating to Mt Fuji. I like …

What is the meaning of this Mt. Fuji sign? 
I read through your Climbing Mt. Fuji guide page and was wondering if you had ever seen this? I climbed the mountain a few years ago and had a picture …

My Mt. Fuji Climbing Experience 
I first climbed Mt. Fuji in July of 2000. I had just turned 40 back in May and this was my birthday present to myself. I attended the opening ceremony …

Unable to find climbing partner for Mt. Fuji during Aug. 8-13, 2013  
I was trying to find a climbing partner for Mt. Fuji during Aug. 8-13 and am also unable to find a tour guide. I checked your links, but the tour guide …

Hints from a Successful 2012 Summit via Gotemba Trail and a 2009 Fail via Subashiri Trail 
First, let’s all thank Gary for one of the most helpful comprehensive English language sites on the topic of climbing Mt. Fuji! (Tasukaremashita (助かれました, …

My 2012 climb on the Kawaguchiko and Gotemba Routes 
Using the information from this site, and following the advice of many kind people, I made it to the summit of Fuji-san in mid-July 2012. I'm not an athlete, …

Is the Yoshida forest trail hikeable? 
I genuinely would like to walk through the forest at the base of Mt.Fuji. In your opinion, is the trail from the very base of Mt.Fuji to the fifth station …

Can we take our baby up Mt. Fuji?  
My family and I were planning on climbing Mount Fuji in a couple of weeks, and my wife had asked about taking our baby up the mountain. I've asked around, …

Which trail/side of Mt Fuji is best to see the sunset and sunrise respectively? 
Thank you for your very informative site, Gary. Very much appreciated. About my question, I'm planning to do a day-climb next week to the summit in time …

Can I purchase a Mt. Fuji climbing stick outside of Japan? 
Is there any place other than Japan (online?) to purchase a Fuji stick? With or without stamps. I am trying to find a replacement Mt. Fuji stick for my …

Is it safe to climb Fuji-san alone? 
I am planning to climb Fuji-san on the 1st week of July, 2012. Is is safe to climb Fuji-san alone? Also, can I wear my sneakers which are not waterproof? …

How do I get my walking stick home? 
Hello, I will be hiking Mt. Fuji this summer and plan to get a walking stick like everyone else:) I was wondering how I should go about getting it home. …

What's the slope of the Mt. Fuji Subashiri trail? 
I wanna know the slope of the Mt. Fuji Subashiri trail because I heard it has the least steep slope. **** Reply: You've asked a great question, …

Climbing Fujisan with AFS student Ryoji  
When I was in high school, we took part in a program called the American Field Service (AFS), and twice, we had the privilege of hosting a foreign exchange …

Your Climbing Mt. Fuji FAQ page is excellent 
Hello Gary. This is John. Thank you so much for your kind comments on my Fuji video and thanks for putting on your site! I feel honored! Your Fuji FAQ …

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When will Mt. Fuji's trails open this summer? 
Hi Gary. I wrote you last summer about my Mt. Fuji experience, and I am thinking about climbing again this year. Do you know where I can find information …

Climbing Mt. Fuji 
Two weeks ago on July 26, 2009, four friends and I finally mounted Mt. Fuji. It may be the highest peak in Japan but reaching the summit is not as impressive …

Report From Mt. Fuji, July 2010 
My climb took place overnight, beginning around 10 pm on July 10 and returning the next day at about 1 pm, a journey up and back of about 15 hours. Joining …

I'm no fool!  
I climbed Mt. Fuji because I didn't want to violate the age-old Japanese proverb & become a fool for not climbing Mt. Fuji. :-) There were 2 things I …

Climbing Mt. Fuji - the 3rd time was the charm! 
I arrived at Yokota Air Base Japan in June of 1962, not knowing anybody and lonely. I was an Airman 2nd class in the U.S. Air Force. The veterans at my …

Aug. 13, 14, 2011 Mt. Fuji climb 
Your Climbing Mt. Fuji FAQ site was invaluable in preparing for my climb, Gary, thanks! My first ever climb up Mt. Fuji was August 13, 14, 2011. There …

I climbed Mt. Fuji on 09/28/10 
My friend Yu and I drove to the 5th station and started our ascent around 7:30am. The wind at that time was very strong and the rain was coming down in …

Sunrise from the Top of Mt. Fuji 
Beautiful Mt. Fuji in Japan is one of our favorite places to visit. Enjoy the awesome scenic beauty. The view from the summit of Mt. Fuji looks awesome, …

My friends and I are looking to climb Mt. Fuji on Tuesday (July 2, 2019). Not rated yet
Hello, Gary, My friends and I are looking to climb Mt. Fuji on Tuesday (July 2, 2019). As the trail on the Yoshida trail has been closed due to the …

Are Mt. Fuji descending trails open until Sept. 11, 2016? Not rated yet
Hi there, thanks for the great overview. Looking at the official site ( it seems the Yoshida descending trail is …

Is a 1-day hike up the Subashiri Trail compatible with the bus schedule? Not rated yet
Hello Gary, Thank you for putting together this website. We want to climb Mount Fuji during the day, Subashiri Trail starting from Gotemba. According …

Mt. Fuji Lockers and Bathrooms Not rated yet
How big are the coin lockers at the 5th Station? I'm looking to stow a hiking backpack and just bring a small backpack of essentials. Will the lockers …

Is it possible to buy a Mt. Fuji wooden walking stick online with the date on it? Not rated yet
Hi Gary, my boyfriend climbed Mount Fuji in 2011, but he had to leave his stick in airport. do you know if it's possible to buy one online and have …

Does the Mt. Fuji summit post office sell unique stamps? Not rated yet
I've researched this question and have been unable to find an answer. I'd like to avoid standing in line to buy stamps for my postcards and will buy the …

After climbing Mt. Fuji, how long do you have to wait till you can go on an airplane?  Not rated yet
Hi Gary! Thanks so much for creating this webpage. I remember hearing somewhere that it was not a good idea after climbing to go straight away onto an …

Will the huts and shops be open at the Mt. Fuji 5th station on September 14th, 2016? Not rated yet
Hi My wife and I are going to climb the mountain on September 14th this year We will do a day climb and not an evening Can anyone advise if any of …

Is there any bus that can take us from Gotemba 5th Station to Fuji-Subaru 5th Station? Not rated yet
Hi My friend and I are planning to descend using Gotemba Trail. Will there any bus that can take us to Fuji-Subaru 5th Station from Gotemba 5th Station? …

Are we realistic about the time needed to climb Mt. Fuji via the Fujinomiya-Hoei-Gotemba route? Not rated yet
Hi Gary, my friends and I spent a couple of hours reading your articles and looking at the pictures, they are great! Thank you so much and please keep …

If I want to hike to the summit and down, what time do I start to return to the bottom before nightfall? Not rated yet
Aloha Gary, I will probably make the climb this July 27th. I am not so interested in the sunrise/sunset. I just want to get to the top and bottom before …

How many people actually reach the Mt. Fuji summit? Not rated yet
Beautiful climbing weather today. Even so. Very few people at the top of Mt. Fuji. Are there statistics on the number of people who reach the summit? …

Do you think I can climb Mt. Fuji or just be happy at the highest transport stop? Not rated yet
Aloha from Oahu, Hawaii. I'm 61 years old with some asthma and old knees that have undergone several cartilage operations, 6 feet tall and about 220 …

Where can we put our backpacks after hiking up Mount Fuji? Not rated yet
Hi Gary, me & boyfriend going to hike up Mount Fuji on 10 Sept., and we plan to stay a night around Mount Fuji, do you know if there any place we can keep …

Is it possible to walk up and down the Fujinomiya Trail within a day? Not rated yet
Hi Gary Thanks very much for the informative website! I am quite inspired by your hike up the fujinomiya trail. My wife and I are planning to hike …

Will it still be possible to climb the Yoshida Trail during the week of Sept. 16-24, 2016? Not rated yet
Hi, thanks for the awesome and well updated write up! I understand this year's climbing season closes pretty early and would like to ask if it's still …

Should I pack cold weather clothing JUST for the Mt. Fuji trip, or should I buy some clothing while in Japan? Not rated yet
Hey there, I was hoping to climb Mt. Fuji in early July, up and down in one day. As I understand it, Japan is rather hot and muggy during this time, …

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I want to hike the Yoshidaguchi Trail from the 1st Station in Fujiyoshida City Not rated yet
Hi Gary, Thank you so much for putting this page together! I'm very overwhelmed in planning my hike up Mt. Fuji next month. I did it in 1997 with my …

Is it too ambitious to walk up the Fujinomiya Trail and return in a single day? Not rated yet
Hi... Thanks for a wonderful website packed with helpful information. I'm wondering whether it is too ambitious to attempt to walk to the summit of Mt …

Can I cook my own food at the 8th station or at the summit of Mt. Fuji? Not rated yet
I plan to hike to Mt Fuji on mid of July 2016. I read from some reference in google that the food provided in 8th station may not as good as you expect. …

Over 250,000 climbers scale Mt. Fuji in 2010 Not rated yet
More than 250,000 people--a record high--have climbed Mt. Fuji by the trail on the mountain's Yamanashi Prefecture side this season, according to the Mt. …

What snow conditions should we expect on the Kawaguchiko trail on July 11, 2013? Not rated yet
My wife and I plan to climb Mount Fuji on July 11, 2013. Based on current snow conditions, does it look like we will have any trouble with the snow? …

Can you give me some rough climbing times between the various stations on the Kawaguchiko trail?  Not rated yet
Hi Gary, super informative site!!! Thanks. We are planning to climb Mt Fuji on Tues 16th July. My questions are - 1. Is it a good idea to stay at …

Is it possible to take a bus to the Kawaguchiko 5th Station around Christmas? Not rated yet
Hi Gary, I am actually visiting Japan in December and will be in Kawaguchiko on Dec 25. Unfortunately, I realize that this is off-season and we will most …

Do you know if the downhill trail of the main Kawaguchiko route on Mount Fuji is still closed? Not rated yet
Hi Gary, do you know if the downhill trail of the main Kawaguchiko route on Mount Fuji is still closed? If so, do you think it's wise to try a different …

May Fuji Climb Not rated yet
Hi Gary, I hiked from Fujiyoshida to Stage 5 just to snoop around a bit. Want to go from the park entrance to the summit and take 3 days to enjoy it. …

Are there places to turn around if we can't make it to the summit? Not rated yet
We have a nine year old daughter who probably will not make it to the summit and we don't want to push her. It looks like the route up and down are different. …

Waiting for the sunrise overnight Not rated yet
Hello, one thing I have not been able to figure out, is whether it is viable to make it to the summit for sunset, and wait (not camp - as I understand …

Is there lodging at the top of Mt. Fuji? Not rated yet
Mr. Wolff, I am impressed with your website. I am planning the trip of a lifetime with my two teenage boys. I wanted to climb Mt. Fuji during the day, …

Why was it so hard for you? Not rated yet
I have a couple of questions: 1) I'm curious what made this particular hike so hard for you...was it the lack of oxygen (no vegetation to produce O2)? …

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