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Any suggestions for booking a Mt. Fuji hut on Monday, September 2nd?

by Jim
(United States)

Gary -

Great site, very helpful for planning my hike up Mt. Fuji. I want to book a hut to rest for the sunrise climb. Which hut on the Yoshida trail is your favorite, has the most room, or where I could get a private sleeping area?

I plan to hike on Monday, September 2nd, and summit sunrise on the 3rd. Any suggestions would be great!



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Aug 22, 2019
Depends on how close to the summit you want to sleep
by: Gary Wolff

Thanks, Jim.

I haven’t climbed the Yoshida Trail in nearly 3 decades, so I don’t guess I’m the most reliable source of info. 🙂

I suppose the Fujisan Hotel and the Taishi-kan huts are 2 of the most popular, due in part to the fact they have the largest sleeping capacities, as you can see on this page: Mt. Fuji Mountain Huts

Another consideration for you might be how close to the summit you want to sleep (to time your sunrise viewing and its possible effect on altitude sickness), since there’s a 300 m elevation difference between those 2 huts.

Sorry, I don’t have a clue about private space in those huts or whether it would even be available in early Sept.

Happy trails and thanks for visiting my site…

Gary ​​

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