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What Japanese University Students
Think About Canada

I'm often asked by family & friends what's on the mind of my Japanese university students & how they feel about various topics.

Through this online forum, my students will now have a voice to express their views about different countries and/or share their overseas travels with the online community.

First stop was America. Then New ZealandBrazilScotlandAustraliaNorthern IrelandItalyEnglandWalesChina, and Saudi Arabia.

This stop: Canada

More to follow in the weeks and months ahead, as we travel around the world country by country, in accordance with the list at the bottom of the page !

If you are a Japanese university student, feel free to throw in your 2 cents worth and participate in the discussion. It'd be a pleasure to hear your input. And by all means, feel free to comment on and rate the other students' comments as well. 

Enjoy !!

Have A Great Story About Canada?

Are you a Japanese university student and have a great story about Canada? Have you ever traveled there before or do you have a friend from Canada? Any opinions about the interesting Canadian culture, like the friendly people, winter sports, beautiful scenery, festivals, shopping, music, etc.?

Please share your views about what you like or dislike about Canada !

What Other Japanese University Students Have Said

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Canadian Cyndi wants to tell you about her country 
I'm not Japanese, and I have never been to Japan. I'm a Canadian and would love to travel to Japan one day! I'll tell you about my country if you tell …

Ice hockey 
Do you know the most popular sport in Canada? Of course you know. Yes, it is ice hockey. The national team of ice hockey has won the Olympic Games 9 times …

The autumn of appetite and colored leaves 
Canada is famous for maple syrup. All my friends who visit Canada give me it as a souvenir. By the way, do you know the Japanese translation of maple? …

Niagara Falls!!  
When I was in NY, I visited Niagara Falls. It was amazing and I had never seen anything like that location. The falls fascinated me a lot, but it also …

Japanese Culture in Canada 
I haven't ever been to Canada. One month ago, when I was watching a TV show at night, it broadcast a program about Canada. It was so fun. The most impressive …

Experiences in Canada I will never forget 
I have been to Canada twice. The first time I was 12 years old. The second time was a school excursion in high school. Such a long time ago, my memories …

My Canadian friend 
Canada is familiar to me because I have a Canadian friend. She and I are classmates in the graduate school. She told me about her country. For example, …

Wonderful Memories of Canada 
This summer, I went to Canada for about three weeks. I stayed in the Province of Ontario, near Toronto. Compared to Japan, it was very cool there! In spite …

Icefield Parkway 
Today, I will talk about the "Icefield Parkway." I think that Canada has very beautiful nature such as the waterfall in Niagara. I am very much interested …

Canada, My Special Country!!!!!! 
Canada is a mysterious country for almost all Japanese because it rarely appears in the news or in articles of newspaper, I think. Recently I saw Canada …

2010 Trip to Canada!! 
I went to Canada on a summer project of Meiji University in the summer of 2010. I stayed in Canada for about one month. I studied at York University on …

Prince Edward Island  
Today, I will introduce a Canadian island. Prince Edward Island is located in the western part of Canada. It is known for “Anne of Green Gables” (Japanese …

Canadian maple syrup 
Canada is famous for maple syrup. Maple syrup is noted national product and a picture of maple leaf is drawn in the Flag of Canada. I investigated into …

Multilingual person from Canada 
I want to tell you the story of a multilingual person who is my English teacher. My English teacher, Aarone, is from Canada. His grandmother is French, …

The Canadian Side of Niagara Falls 
Last summer I spent about one month in Canada to study English. Ah…Time flies! One year has already passed since I left Canada. This post reminds me so …

Railway Trips in Canada 
I love a railway trip. So I think I want to go all over the world by gorgeous train. Especially I want to go on a trip in Canada. Canada has many cultural …

Studying Abroad in Canada 
There are two friends of mine who studied before or are now studying abroad in Canada. In addition, my aunt also did that. Why did they want to study …

The Canadian province of Québec has an original cultural identity 
Talking of Canada, I remember two things. The first is ice hockey. Because when I was a high school student, I played ice hockey. Ice hockey was chosen …

This is why I love Canada in autumn 
If I stay in Canada in October, I will absolutely go to forests and parks to see the landscapes with colored leaves. For Japanese (including me), it is …

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