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What Japanese University Students
Think About Wales

I'm often asked by family & friends what's on the mind of my Japanese university students & how they feel about various topics.

Through this online forum, my students will now have a voice to express their views about different countries and/or share their overseas travels with the online community.

First stop was America. Then New ZealandBrazilScotlandAustraliaNorthern IrelandItaly, and England

This stop: Wales

More to follow in the weeks and months ahead, as we travel around the world country by country, in accordance with the list at the bottom of the page!

If you are a Japanese university student, feel free to throw in your 2 cents worth and participate in the discussion. It'd be a pleasure to hear your input. And by all means, feel free to comment on and rate the other students' comments as well. 


Have A Great Story About Wales?

Are you a Japanese university student and have a great story about Wales? Have you ever traveled there before or do you have a friend from Wales? Any opinions about the interesting Welsh culture, like the music, food, artwork, sports, etc.?

Actually, one of my mom's favorite singers, Tom Jones, comes from Wales.

Please share your views about what you like or dislike about Wales !

What Other Japanese University Students Have Said

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Wales & the History of Slavery 
I am interested in Africa, and I belong to the Africa research seminar. Also, I take some classes about Africa. In one of those classes, I watched the …

Land of Laputa 
"Castle in the Sky" (1986, Japanese title: "Tenku no Shiro Laputa") is one of the most famous animation films in Japan. This film is directed by Hayao …

Wales, a tourist attraction 
Most tourists visit Wales to view the wonderful scenery. 20 percent of the area consists of national parks, and there is also abundant nature which are …

Welsh Patriotism 
In Japan, Wales is not a famous country. Actually, many of my friends don't know about Wales. So, I searched Wales on the internet. Wales' native language …

The Legend of the Red Dragon in Wales 
As you know, Wales is a famous country of Celtic culture. Many Celtic fairy stories remain there. One of them is the legend of the red dragon. I would …

Do Celtic Fairies Still Live Today? 
Wales is as famous as Ireland and Scotland for Celtic culture. Many Celtic fairy stories remain there. I have a friend whose name is Yoshio. He has been …

Wales' legend 
Wales is so beautiful a country. It has a lot of history, culture, and legend. Wales has areas which were placed on the World Heritage List. I was interested …

The Wales flag 
We have already written about England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. So this time is going to be the last time to write about the United Kingdom!!! Actually …

"How Green Was My Valley" is a great film 
I watch more than a hundred films a year. I am crazy about film. When it comes to Wales, like many movie fans, it reminds me of "How Green Was My Valley" …

National Flags of the United Kingdom 
The United Kingdom consists of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales. Therefore, the national flag of the United Kingdom, the Union Jack, is also …

Let's think about Wales national flag and sport 
Wales is located in the direction of about 125 miles west from London. And Wales is separated from Ireland by the sea, and is surrounded by Liverpool Bay, …

Welsh Cakes 
Today I am going to talk about traditional Welsh food. Have you ever heard of Welsh cakes?? I’ve never heard of them. According to Google, Welsh cakes …

My thoughts about Wales 
I've never been to Wales. Therefore, I investigated about Wales. The eastern part of Wales has a boundary with England. Moreover, there are unparalleled …

Wales, a Country of Castles 
The history of Wales is a history of fights against enemy invasions from within and outside Wales. To defend against invasions, a lot of castles and forts …

I am a Welsh Not rated yet
I knew Wales for the first time when I was a junior high school student. My English teacher came from Wales and taught me Welsh. Then, I knew that the …

Hay-on-Wye, the Secondhand Bookshops Village in Wales Not rated yet
Have you ever heard about "Hay-on-Wye"? Hay-on-Wye, on the English border in Mid-Wales, is the world's greatest place to find used books. In fact, it is …

The Welsh Viewpoint on Jobs Not rated yet
There are a lot of mountains in Wales. At one time, Wales prospered as a country of coal mines. In the 19th century, Wales began to expand its financial …

The Most Frightening Actor in the World? Not rated yet
Wales has an actor scaring a lot of people in the world. His name is “Anthony Hopkins.” He performed the part of ”Hannibal Lecter” in “The Silence of the …

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