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What Japanese University Students
Think About South Africa

I'm often asked by family & friends what's on the mind of my Japanese university students & how they feel about various topics.

Through this online forum, my students will now have a voice to express their views about different countries and/or share their overseas travels with the online community.

First stop was America. Then New ZealandBrazilScotlandAustraliaNorthern IrelandItalyEnglandWalesChinaSaudi ArabiaCanadaSwitzerlandSingapore, and Russia.

This stop: South Africa

More to follow in the weeks and months ahead, as we travel around the world country by country, in accordance with the list at the bottom of the page !

If you are a Japanese university student, feel free to throw in your 2 cents worth and participate in the discussion. It'd be a pleasure to hear your input. And by all means, feel free to comment on and rate the other students' comments as well. 

Enjoy !!

Have A Great Story About South Africa?

Are you a Japanese university student and have a great story about South Africa? Have you ever traveled there before or do you have a friend from South Africa? Any opinions about the interesting South African culture, like the world-famous sports tradition including having hosted the FIFA World Cup soccer tournament last year, the gold mining industry, its multilingual society, diverse international culture & history, etc.?

Please share your views about what you like or dislike about South Africa !

What Other Japanese University Students Have Said

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My treasure 
Hello everyone, and happy new year! Yesterday, I had caught a cold. So, I must to go bed all day. I was annoyed with headache and stomachache. It is snow …

World Cup 2010 
The World Cup 2010 in South Africa was amazing. Japan was in the top 16. During the World Cup, I heard the sound of vuvuzela, which is an instrument in …

The Drakensberg 
The Drakensberg is the highest mountain range in South Africa. It is about 3,482 metres in height. This is almost as high as Mt. Fuji. Geologically, the …

The Hermanus Whale Festival 
Do you know The Hermanus Whale Festival? This is the only environment-arts festival in South Africa. In this Festival we can enjoy whale watching, music, …

My friend's stories 
I have a friend who has been to South Africa to see the World Cup. I have 2 stories about Africa that I heard from him. He is a man who often exaggerates. …

The Most Popular Sports in South Africa! 
South Africa is famous for having held the Soccer World Cup in 2010. It was held for the first time in Africa. Then, I am going to write about the popular …

South Africa, a diamond producing country 
South Africa is known as a diamond producing country. I tried to find out about diamond’s history. It was a diamond rush that made large-scale diamond …

Big soccer enthusiasts in South Africa 
Last year, the 19th FIFA World Cup was held in South Africa. Japan caught the cheerful World Cup mood, and people were excited by the games and were rejoicing …

South Africa History!! 
The only thing I knew about South Africa is that the World Cup was held there. So I investigated about South Africa. South Africa launched the apartheid …

A lot of salary and wonderful experiences in South Africa 
If a Japanese businessman goes to South Africa on business, he will get a preferential treatment from his company. His house in South Africa must be much …

I'll never forget Laurens van der Post and South Africa 
Laurens van der Post (1906~1996) was a great author in the 20th century, who was born in South Africa. He was known to Japanese as the author of the original …

Do you know the capital of South Africa? 
I think South Africa was the most focused-upon country in the world last year. The reason is very simple: the FIFA World Cup soccer tournament was held …

South Africa's Appletiser 
Appletiser is my favorite beverage. When I was a child, I drank it frequently. In addition, I thought that it was made in the USA because its taste was …

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