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Letter from Kenya

Letter from Kenya

Letter from Kenya Map of Kenya Nature

Hello everyone, and happy new year! Yesterday, I had caught a cold. So, I must to go bed all day. I was annoyed with headache and stomachache. It is snow today, you should take care of your health!

Now, I would like to talk about South Africa. When I was a junior high school student, I got a letter from Isibania. Do you know Isibania? This city is a top place of South Africa. And Isibania is in Kenya.

Why did I get this letter? Because I belonged to a seminar of international volunteer group. At there, we sent sporting things and stationery to an Isibania school. Then together with them, we put in letters. I wrote a letter about my school life or my future and so on. Of course, I also wrote questions.

I got a letter! I was happy to get it! Maybe you can't read the context of this letter, so I will write it down on here. There are mistakes in grammar and spelling, but I left them in.

Hollo! I'm happy to have you as a friend from Japan!!
I'm a Kenyan, Wema Academy student. My name is Jack. I'm a thirteen years old. I'm the second born in our family of seven children.
Thank you for your letter,stationery and sporting things you have sent for us to use in our school.
My hobbies are traditional dance. The food I like is one way food. we get water by carrying on our head. What about you?
I like to be a nurse in the future. Tell me more about your culture.What types of food do you eat?
From yours. Jack 3.22.2004

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