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Can I climb up on one Mt. Fuji trail, and down on a different trail?

by Scott Gouker

Can I climb up on one Mt. Fuji trail, and down on a different trail?

I'm planning on going UP the Gotemba Trail, and want to reserve a hut at Fujinomiya-guchi.

I cannot find the WEB address... in the information, it says that reservations can be made online.

Likewise, can I go UP the Fujinomiya route, and down the Gotemba?


(Your website has been very helpful in my planning!)

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May 03, 2017
Yes, you can.
by: Gary Wolff

No problem, Scott.

Actually, the subject of climbing up one Mount Fuji trail and going down the other has proven to be a very popular topic on my site through the years.

Regarding your specific inquiry, I'm not aware of any problems that you would have been going up the Gotemba Trail and down the Fujinomiya Trail, or vice versa.

At the summit, the Gotemba and Fujinomiya trails intersect the Ohachimeguri (summit loop trail) at almost the exact same spot, so that would be very convenient for you.

As for Fujinomiya trail mountain hut contact details, this page may help (, but for website addresses, you'll probably need to do a Google search.

You might also benefit from the page about my Aug. 2012 climb up and down the Fujinomiya Trail: Climbing Mt. Fuji's Fujinomiya Trail

On that trip, I stayed in the Fujikan summit mountain hut (頂上富士館) ( at the top of the Fujinomiya trail.

Happy trails and thanks for visiting my site...

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