Is it safe to climb Mt. Fuji on 17th/18th September?
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Is it safe to climb Mt. Fuji on 17th/18th September?

by Ben
(United Kingdom)

Hi Gary,
I love your website and all the wonderful information and advice offered. From your experience, how risky would it be to climb Fuji over the 17th/18th Sept 2018? What would be the safest trail to use, and would we require completion of a Police form? We spoke with seikanso hostel (who are still open at that date) - which would indicate it must be somewhat safe? Would it be snowy/extremely cold over these dates?
Look forward to your tips and reply.
Thank you.

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Sep 06, 2018
Maybe 2019 is better...
by: Gary Wolff

Maybe not a good idea, Ben. All of the huts ( above Seikanso will be closed by then which means there will be no toilets, supplies, first-aid stations, or rescue staff.

This means you’ll need to take your own portable toilet in order to avoid polluting Japan’s holiest peak. You’ll also need to complete the required police form. Off-season bus service to the 5th Station is not so good either.

As for the weather, it probably won’t be too terribly cold yet, but you’ll still need to watch out for all the typhoons that blast through Japan this month.

Just 2 days ago a Category 3 typhoon severely damaged the Osaka area including submerging the Kansai Airport, the 3rd busiest airport in all of Japan. And just today a magnitude 6.7 earthquake practically wiped the northern island of Hokkaido off the map. No electricity, no train service, and Chitose Airport, Japan’s 5th busiest, is closed.

Bottom line: maybe not a good time to visit Japan or to climb Mount Fuji.

Thanks for your kind words & for visiting my site…

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