Is it OK to climb Mt. Fuji on October 25?
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Is it OK to climb Mt. Fuji on October 25?

(Toronto, Canada)

I'll be in Tokyo the week of Oct. 20. I'm wondering if I can plan to climb Mount Fuji on Sat. Oct. 25? It's out of season, but not winter. Your thoughts are welcome. I've done similar climbs in the past - I'm really just wondering about the conditons this fall.

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Sep 14, 2015
OK to climb on 19 Sep
by: Anonymous


I think this webpage is awesome as it really gives me lots of info about climbing Mt Fuji. Thanks for the effort. I wanna ask, if it's ok to climb Mt Fuji on 20 Sep. I looked through a couple of webpage. Some said ok while some said it's prohibited. May i have some advice?

Sep 14, 2014
Not recommended, IMHO...
by: Gary Wolff

....for a million reasons, but here are just a few:

- Mt. Fuji's first crown of snow (hatsukansetsu; 初冠雪) occurs on average @ the beginning of Oct.

- The average high temp @ Mt. Fuji's summit in Oct. is -0.1 C (31.8 F) and the average low temp is -5.8 C (21.6 F).

- There will be no mountain huts still open above the 5th Station (

- Only 5 buses a day from Fujisan Station to the 5th Station will be operating at that time:

Most of the foreigners who are injured or killed climbing Mt. Fuji are those who are ill-informed and unprepared for the conditions they are likely to encounter. Perhaps you should wait till next year's official climbing season.

Hope this helps...

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