Is it feasible to climb Mt. Fuji on 30th June 2016?
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Is it feasible to climb Mt. Fuji on 30th June 2016?

by Matt

We are looking at climbing the mountain on 30th June 2016 and descend after sunrise on the 1st of July, due to travel plans - feasible? Advisable? We could hold off to the 1st of July to climb and descend on the 2nd, however it makes our schedule difficult.

I would guess the stations would be populated, but closed to get prepared for opening day, which is fine. So any advice?

Thanks for your time.

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Jun 15, 2016
Me too...!!!
by: Anonymous

I have exactly the same plans:
To climb the Yoshida Trail on 1st of July, so, I'll be able to catch the sunrise on 2nd of July.
(Unfortunately, I can't make it for some other, later day; my flight leaves Narita, back home, at the night of the 2nd July!
First time on Fujisan - and first time climbing, generally...
So, Matt, if you like, please, contact me at I'd love to hear from you and meet you, up there!
(But please, do it until the early evening of June 17th; you see, I have to catch a flight for Narita!)
PS Greece here... and I ADORE Scotland!!! :)

Jun 08, 2016
A number of huts open before the official opening day.
by: Gary Wolff

Matt, 2016 opening dates for Mt. Fuji's mountain huts probably won't be posted till after the 1st of next month, but opening dates and contact info from last year are on this page: Mt. Fuji Mountain Huts

Some huts have staff who can speak a little English, but if not, if you speak slowly & use easy English, maybe there won't be a problem.

Basically, they'll be asking:
1) Date(s) of stay
2) Your name (please spell it out slowly)
3) # of males & females in your group
4) Whether or not you will require meals (dinner and/or breakfast)

Best wishes...

Jun 08, 2016
Reseeking advice
by: Matt

We have changed our dates based on your advice and now plan to do a night climb on the 1st of July the official opening day - could you advise on which mountain huts would be open and available plus how to make a reservation?
Thanks Matt

Feb 20, 2016
Not advisable ... but
by: Roger

Hi Gary,
Hi Matt,

I climbed Fuji-san twice in 2014 (Yoshida) and 2015 (Fujinomiya) and will do it again this summer (mix Fujinomiya + Gotemba). I agree with Gary because if it's not open yet, you'll probably be interfering with workers and employees still on the trail cleaning it from snow on top of the summit. There will be probably a little snow depending on snow amount during the winter, but you'll know it probably before climbing or late June.

Then ... June 30th or July 10th what's the difference ?? Only the respect of the place. I mean Japanese ARE respectful of this sanctuary. Many of them offer free advice at the 5th station and everything is done to offer protection and a safe climb. My advice: try not to do it. Japanese people and Fuji-san will probably look at you badly.

About the night climb, I never use toilet facility because I sweat all the water I drank. I only use toilet at the 5th station before the climb and after going down. About the food and water? I always climb with a 14-kg backpack (water 2L, food, warm clothes, camera, etc) ... but I'm used to climbing with heavy stuff on my back ;-).

Hope you'll manage to delay your climb for a few days. Have a safe climb.

(sorry for my English)

Feb 14, 2016
Not advisable, IMHO...
by: Gary Wolff

Matt, although it may be physically possible to climb Mt. Fuji on June 30, many huts and their toilets will still be closed ( You may also encounter the many valiant, gracious souls who go out and clear the Yoshida trail of remaining snow to ensure it can officially open up on July 1. And although that may be "fine" for you, it may not be for them, as you may be getting in their way.

You should also note that a number of facilities at the top of the Yoshida trail including the Yamaguchiya & Ougiya mountain huts, toilets, etc. will not open till at least July 10 (depending on lingering snow conditions & the opening date of the Subashiri trail from Shizuoka Prefecture which joins the Yoshida trail @ the 8th station). Accordingly, before July 10 you'll need to bring your own portable toilet and any other food, water, or supplies you'll need at the top.

In short, delaying your trip by just one day may make a huge difference in the conditions you encounter & the enjoyment of your hike.

Happy trails...

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