Are stations and huts accessible from the Yoshida descent trail?
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Are stations and huts accessible from the Yoshida descent trail?

by Jennie
(Boston, Massachusetts)

Hi there - this website has been so helpful, already. Thank you!

My partner and I are planning our first visit to Japan from Aug 22 - Sep 6th this year and are really hoping to include climbing Mount Fuji in our trip. Ideally, we would climb with the least amount of people, thus are planning to ascend mid-week, during the day.

Are stations and huts accessible from the descent trail on Yoshida?

We were thinking of trying to catch sunset in one day and spend the night in a hut at the summit or a bit further down, maybe @ station 8.5 -- but the options for these two possibilities are not clear.

Any support you can offer would be great!

Thank you!

Boston, MA, U.S.

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Aug 01, 2015
No accessible huts on Yoshida descent trail below 8th Station
by: Gary Wolff

Thanks, Jennie.

As you can see from these maps:

...both the 8th Station & Original 8th Station mountain huts are accessible from the Yoshida descent trail, but there are no mountain huts on the Yoshida descent trail below the Kami-Edoya hut & Shita-Edoya hut (which closes Aug. 30), which are technically on the Subashiri trail (but shared by the Yoshida trail).

In fact, until you rejoin the Yoshida ascent trail @ the 6th station, all you will find is an emergency shelter & a toilet. This underscores the importance of having enough water, food, & supplies once you depart from the 8th station on the Yoshida descent trail.

Hope this helps. Happy trails...

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