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Can Fujinomiya trail mountain huts be booked or do you just turn up to them?

by Lanhowe

Hey Gary!

Thanks so much for sharing your Mt. Fuji climbing experience, it's really inspiring and has just further solidified my desire to climb it! I'll actually be climbing on the Fujinomiya trail later this month and I'm just a bit worried about the mountain huts since I speak zero Japanese. Can they be booked or do you really just turn up to them?


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Jul 16, 2014
Reservations are required
by: Gary Wolff

Thanks for your kind words, Lanhowe.

The huts almost always require reservations, especially during peak season, but many huts have at least 1 English speaker, oftentimes a college student on summer break. If not, speaking slowly, clearly, and using easy English will get your message across. :-)

Basically, they're looking for 5 sets of data:

- Date of stay
- Your name / Group leader name (please spell it out)
- # of males & females in your group
- Whether or not you will require meals (dinner and/or breakfast)
- Your contact info

A newly updated 2014 list with phone numbers of the Fujinomiya huts is here: ( and my Fujinomiya Trail write-up is here: (

Best wishes to you....


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