I climbed Mt. Fuji on July 23-25, 2022!
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I climbed Mt. Fuji on July 23-25, 2022!

by Yuriko M.

Sunrise from Mt. Fuji

Sunrise from Mt. Fuji

This summer, I successfully reached the summit of Mt. Fuji, which I had longed to do!

The view from above the clouds, which I saw for the first time after climbing, was irreplaceably beautiful.

・First Day: 5th station→7th station lodge
・Second Day: 4:30 a.m. sunrise → Summit of the Yoshida route →"OHACHI-MEGURI” (summit of Kengamine)→8th station lodge
・Last Day: 5th station

The pace was very slow.
However, I got altitude sickness while descending the mountain.

Good sleep before climbing is very important.
At our first lodge, every time we tried to sleep, energetic climbers bustled past us behind thin walls.
And 2 hours later we were treated to a very beautiful sunrise...

And, every view was special to me.
By the time I got down to the bottom, I was 100% recovered thanks to the hot springs and beer.

Reasons for my success:
(1) We were blessed with good weather.
(2) We were blessed with friends and good tour-guide.

And finally, this website was a great inspiration to my spirit of challenge.

Every time on this site there are new things about many different things.

Thank you very much, Gary!

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Jul 27, 2022
Congrats, Yuriko!
by: Gary Wolff

Way to go, Yuriko!

And thanks SO much for sharing your interesting story with pics.

I'm sure it will be valuable for future Mt. Fuji climbers.

And thanks for the kind words about my website.


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