Climbing Mt. Fuji a few days after official close season
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Climbing Mt. Fuji a few days after official close season

by Eugene C

Hi Gary,

I found your website extremely informative and helpful and I'd like to tap into your vast experience and local knowledge to find out a bit more do's and dont's - can''s and cannot'S for my planned hike up Fuji this 12th September 2016. I had booked the hotel and travel arrangement sometime back based on last year's information that the trails will be officially open till 13th September. However, and quite disappointingly, I've come to disclose that the official season closes on the 11th September this year.

In this regard, am I still able to climb up ? Will I need a permit of sorts? I don't intend to complete the hike all the way up and am more than happy with reaching up till the 8.5 th station. Is this plan advisable ? And what is the likely temperature at the 8th station during my hike up? I can't seem to find any data on this despite trawling through the Internet. Would appreciate your input on this.

Thanks a dozen!


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Aug 20, 2016
Reply to Eugene
by: Anonymous

Hi Eugene

Me and my wife are doing a day climb on the 13th or 14th of September
Day temps I expect to hit around 5 dgrees at the top, we are not doing a night climb as we are unsure whT huts will be open if any

I have had to submit a travel plan to local police ( on a standard form they provide)

I have been told we can't climb if the weather is bad

Hope that helps
If not email me

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