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Are there any Mt. Fuji mountain huts still open on Sept. 13, 2016?

by HMK
(Kuching, Malyasia)

I plan to climb Mt. Fuji on the 13th of September 2016. However when i called to make reservations at the 8th station mountain huts, all of them said that they will no longer operate after the 10th.

Is there any other huts available on that date?

Is it possible for me to stay overnight at the 5th station so that I can start climbing as early as possible and descend on the same day?

Thank you!

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Jul 01, 2016
Summit climb
by: Anonymous

Would it still be possible to access the summit trails after the season closes in late sept? (16-24/9?) will there be officialstaff/Guards blocking the summit trails or any other trails?

Jun 17, 2016
I don't believe mountain hut info for the new season is available yet...
by: Gary Wolff

It's my understanding that Mt. Fuji mountain huts above the 8th Station, including at the summit, are under the jurisdiction of Shizuoka Prefecture, whose 3 Mt. Fuji trails usually close officially on Sept. 10.

When mountain huts are closed, so are their toilet facilities, so in order to avoid polluting Japan's most sacred mountain & World Heritage Site, after Sept. 10 you'll need to take your own portable toilet.

The most recent info I'm aware of regarding Mt. Fuji mountain hut closing dates is from last year & shown on this page: Mt. Fuji Mountain Huts

Mt. Fuji mountain hut info for the new season is usually updated in early July.

Happy trails...

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