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Reserving bus tickets (Shinjuku - 5th station, return) online for international travellers

by Alena

Hi Gary,
My partner and I are climbing Fuji San, Hut booked on the Yoshida trail on the 24th July 2018. I read your link regarding the bus from Shinjuku to 5th station, (very helpful, thank you).
I see you can't book any earlier than 1 month prior to travel.
Will we have any issues reserving tickets being from abroad (Australia)?
Also, all going well, do we need to reserve a time for return bus trip,
just thinking we may not know an exact time we return to the 5th station from our descent.
thank you in advance,

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Jun 05, 2018
Don’t think there’s a problem...
by: Gary Wolff

Alena, I’m not aware of any issues about reserving the Mt. Fuji 5th Station highway bus from overseas.

Yes, you’ll want to book your return ticket in advance as well, because if you wait, there may be no seats available later.

Yes, there’s always the hazard of missing your return bus, so if you’re unsure of your descent hiking times, I recommend you give yourself a generous time cushion when booking the return bus. If you have to hang around the 5th Station a few extra hours, it shouldn’t be a big deal as there’s plenty to see and do there.

Most Mt. Fuji climbing accidents occur among foreign tourists who get in a hurry to bullet climb all night to see the sunrise, get altitude sickness, and dislodge boulders which tumble down below and injure or kill other climbers... all in their mad quest to catch a bus or flight back home.

It’s better to take your time, savor the scenery, and truly enjoy what is often a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Happy trails...

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