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How do you reach the Yoshida descending trail from the 8th station?

by Sandeep
(United States)

We are 21 people including 4 kids (ages 6 through 13). Planning to climb Mt. Fuji on July 24th. Some people are thinking of reaching station 8 (Yoshida trail) and may not go to the summit.

We have reservation at Taishikan hut on station 8. Can they come down the next day with the others who went to the summit? What will be the best way for the two groups to meet while descending?

Thank you.

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Jul 08, 2018
Very useful...thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you Gary. This is very helpful. I was not able to find this information I really appreciate the information.

Jul 07, 2018
The Shita-edoya mountain hut might be a good spot
by: Gary Wolff

​Sandeep, as you can see in this map (Ohachimeguri trail map), there is a crossover trail between the Yoshida ascent trail and the descent trail at the original 8th station. Which means from the Taishikan mountain hut, those who choose not to climb to the summit will still need to hike up the mountain a ways to get to that crossover trail.

And it appears that a good meeting spot might be the Shita-edoya (下江戸屋) mountain hut at the Y in the trail where the red Subashiri trail branches off from the yellow Yoshida descent trail. ​​

Happy trails and thanks for visiting my site…

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