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What is the best way to go see Mt. Fuji at the end of October?

Hi, my husband and I are visiting Tokyo at the end of October. We really want to see Mt. Fuji if it's possible and want to know the best possible day trip itinerary. Are there buses that still go there at that time? Should we get the Mt. Fuji round trip tickets? Does the JR rail pass cover going from Tokyo to Mt. Fuji? What time should we head out? We would like to know the options.

If we can, we would like to step foot onto Mt. Fuji, literally just one foot is fine. We don't plan on hiking due to non-hiking season dangers. Basically, we want to say that we've been there/seen it and can take an awesome picture (if we are lucky to have clear skies).

I saw some day trip tours to Mt. Fuji/Hakone, but I'm not sure if it is worth the price ($130, we are trying not to overspend). Any help and suggestions is greatly appreciated.



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Aug 07, 2013
JR's Mt. Fuji Round Trip Ticket is only 5500 yen.
by: Gary Wolff

Hi Chris,

Yes, both Sunrise Tours & Japan Gray Line offer bus tours in October to Mt. Fuji's 5th Station:

And JR's Mt. Fuji Round Trip Ticket is good till Oct. 31:

I'm not sure about your JR Rail Pass, but apparently Gray Line has a tour for JR pass holders staying in the Odawara area.

Have a nice trip...


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