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Safe to climb Mt. Fuji on Sept. 16, 2 days after the official season ends?

Hello Gary,

First, thank you for your site! it's really helpful! :)

Second, I wanted to ask a question. Me and my sister will arrive at Mt. Fuji on Sep. 16th, which is two days after the official season ends. Do you think it will still be safe to climb the mountain? Can we take other routes except the Yoshida route?

Thanks again!
Inbar :)

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Jun 13, 2014
Not recommended
by: Gary Wolff

Thanks for your kind words, Inbar.

There are several reasons why climbing Mt. Fuji in the off-season is discouraged, the least of which are things like severely reduced bus service, closed first-aid stations, the chance of early snowfalls, and the fact that Sept. in Japan is the peak of typhoon season.

But the main thing that would affect you is that most Mt. Fuji mountain huts (which can serve as emergency shelters in the event of accidents or severe weather) are closed after mid-Sept. This page from last year (Mt. Fuji Mountain Huts on the Yoshida Trail) shows only 3 huts above the 5th Station open after Sept. 16. I haven't seen this year's schedule yet, but there's generally very little change from year to year.

And the other 3 Mt. Fuji climbing routes from Shizuoka Prefecture close on Sept. 10, so you & your sister could still enjoy an air-conditioned bus tour up to the 5th Station, but I'd suggest you put the actual climbing of Fuji-san in July or August on your bucket list for NEXT year! :-)

Best wishes to you...

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