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​​We want to start climbing Mt. Fuji from the bottom of the mountain

by Sarah

Hi Gary,

Your website has been very helpful. However, I do have a few questions. ​​We wanted to start climbing from the bottom of the mountain.

Do you know if there are stamps that we can get before the 5th station? If so, will they be open to get them?

How many hours should we allocate if we wanted to reach the top by sunrise if we started from the bottom? We were thinking of starting at 8 am. Would that be plenty of time or should we start earlier?

Is the 5th station where all the restaurants are? I mean like, if we were climbing from the bottom, how would we reach that area?

Your response is greatly appreciated.


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Mar 01, 2015
I'm not aware of any stamps (or huts) below the Mt. Fuji 5th station
by: Gary Wolff

Thanks, Sarah!

I'm not aware of any stamps (or huts) below the 5th station.

Many climbers start the pilgrim route from Umagaeshi, about 2.5 hours below the 5th Station. If you're a traditionalist, and start from Fuji Sengen Shrine (the actual bottom), you need to add another 3 hours.

If you're in good shape, have nice weather, & don't have trouble with altitude sickness, from the 5th Station (yes, there are restaurants, convenience stores, a whole city) to the top is at least 5 hrs. (it took me almost 7).

More info on the pilgrim route:

More info on the 5th Station:

Best wishes!


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