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Royal Wedding - the unique hats of the guests -

by Nozomi U.
(Tokyo, Japan)

On 29th April, 2011, the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton was held in London. It seems like 2000 guests were invited. Two of the guests there were Mr. and Mrs. Beckham. They are so famous, even in Japan. The wedding was broadcast in many countries and a lotta people congratulated them from all over the world.

However, what I noticed is that all of the guests were wearing soooooo beautiful hats. In their twenties through old women, I say again "all of the guests"!!! I was so surprised and thought that it might be the custom in England to wear beautiful hats at weddings, at the moment. Actually it's a manner that a woman who is invited to wear a hat at a wedding in England. Then it seemed the invitation informed that the guests must attend with a hat.

In Japan, people attend with various dresses or kimonos. Still we don't have the customs like English ones. Frankly speaking, I like this custom because it makes a wedding brilliant. If I have a chance, I wanna try it. :))) ha-hah

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