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Are there coin lockers at Kofu Station for storing our suitcases?

by xavier ropagnol
(montreal, qc, canada)


I will go in Nagoya next week. My plane land on saturday 8th of sepetmber. ANd I take off from Tokyo on the 18th of september.

However, I would have free time only from friday 15th until sunday nigth. I would love to make the hiking trail that goes to Mt. Kita-dake.

However, I am travelling alone. Is there locker at Kofu station for letting our suitcase?

Also, we can really make it in less than two days of we sleep in the hut taking the right side fo the loop for going up?

How long do we have to climb from the hut the summit?

Thank you.


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Sep 03, 2018
by: Gary Wolff

They’re near the North Exit:

This Kita-dake route map shows trail hiking times:

Happy trails...

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