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Academic Skills 2A Course
Spring, 2013

In this day and age, it is becoming increasingly more important to be able to communicate with and understand different cultures.

We live in an era of rapid globalization in which being able to communicate across cultures is imperative to our ability to function in a diverse workplace, city, and world.

This course is designed for students interested in enhancing their cross-cultural communication skills required in international settings.

It will also cover various everyday topics dealing with international culture, enabling students to broaden their global horizons and enhance their understanding of the world.

Students will be given the opportunity each week to share their overseas experiences and opinions of the countries covered in our textbook by posting their stories in this online forum. A portion of these stories should answer "What do you think?" or "How do you feel?" about these countries.

Each week students will also be expected to comment on at least one story posted by another student.

Online story submission guidelines:
1)  Stories must be original and a minimum of 75 words, and a maximum of 250 words. (Please do not just go to Wikipedia and copy & paste).  smiley
2)  Comments on other student stories should be meaningful & at least 15 words.
3)  Stories should be submitted every week by 9 pm Sun. night, and comments on other stories should be submitted by 9 pm Tues. night.

This semester we will continue our virtual tour of the world. The first stop will be New Zealand. Then Brazil, and so on, all around the world, in accordance with the list of countries below.

If you ever have any questions, feel free to contact me by clicking on the Contact Me button in the upper right corner of this page or at my email address provided in class.

Good luck & enjoy !!

Cultural presentation group project:

Students will work together in groups of 3-4 students to study & conduct an in-depth cultural comparison of at least 2 countries on various topics such as youth culture, dating and marriage, food and drink, fashion, education, corporate culture & business manners, student life, friendships, family, etc.

On Wed. July 17, 2013, all study groups will be required to give a 5-10 minute presentation, using software like PowerPoint, Keynote, etc., to report on the results of their research. Within each 10-min. time slot, please plan on about a 6-min. talk, to allow sufficient time for Q&A and time for the next group to set up.

From around mid-semester, time will be given at the end of class for the groups to work together, but it is likely that they will also have to meet on occasion outside of classroom hours, particularly toward the end of the semester in preparation for the final presentation.

IBC (Introduction, Body, & Conclusion) presentation format

Sample presentation outline

Beginning & Ending Your Presentation

Gary's Relaxation Technique


Course Syllabus


Cultural Presentation Day - July 17, 2013
(If player above is not visible,
you can view video @ YouTube here.)

  0:00  Differences in views on love between Japan, Korea, and Italy
12:23  Dating, marriage, & gift giving in Korea, Thailand, & China
29:25  An 8-min. multicultural trip to Mexico & China
43:33  Jobs in Australia, Taiwan, & Japan

Show 'N' Tell Day - May 29, 2013
( (If player above is not visible,
view video in separate window here.)

     0:00  China #1
   12:10  Japan #1
   24:30  Japan #2
   29:35  Korea/Mexico
   41:38  Taiwan/Australia
   55:56  Thailand
1:04:16  China #2

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