Brazilian Modern Music “Bossa Nova”
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Brazilian Modern Music “Bossa Nova”

by Takuto
(Zushi, Kanagawa, Japan)

I think Brazil is famous for Latin music. In Japan, especially Bossa Nova is most popular. In fact, Bossa Nova is not popular in Brazil because it was just a 1950~60’s fashion, while Japanese or Europeans think Bossa Nova is Brazilian music.

Bossa Nova is a music genre born in Brazil. While traditional Samba music is danceable and passionate, Bossa Nova is sweeter, more refined, and more jazzy. But similar to traditional Samba music, Bossa Nova is sentimental and exotic.

I like listening to Bossa Nova when I am going to school, studying, and sleeping. Bossa Nova is suitable for every time and every situation.

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Apr 26, 2015
Bossa from Poland
by: Anonymous

This band Is great

Jun 05, 2013
by: Isabel


I'm a Brazilian post-grad student making a research about how foreigners see Brazil, and I accidentally found this website!
I'm really amazed about the initiative!

But... I guess we have a misunderstanding here! You said that Bossa Nova isn't popular in Brazil nowadays, but is not that way! It is still quite popular, even appreciated by young people! We even have new Bossa Nova Singers like Mallu Magalhães, Clarice Falcão, Marcelo Jeneci.. And a lot others! Actually you should really search for them on youtube if you're such a fan of bossa nova! They're really really good! Their style are a little bit different, modern.

I guess it's some good news, huh? You have now more fresh reliable sources of our good bossa nova music! ;)

See ya!

(I hope you don't understand my comment as a bad thing)

Hope you come to Brazil soon to make us a visit!
I wanna visit Japan too, for making more academic researches!

Dec 03, 2012
Good music
by: Jo§e

if you like Bossa Nova, you will certainly enjoy this group


May 17, 2010
Saci Perere restaurant
by: Gary Wolff

Thanks, Takuto, for your nice bossa nova story. Do you know the bossa nova singer named Lisa Ono? Her dad owns a Brazilian restaurant in Yotsuya named Saci Perere.

Nice place with good food and live music, and sometimes they even have pretty female samba dancers.

You should check it out sometime. Here's the link:

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