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Climbing Mt. Yari from Kamikochi

by Thomas

Hello !

Thank you for your very interesting blog ! That's amazing what you did ^^.

I am planning my trip to japan for 8 days next october and i wanting to plan the hike from kamikochi to Mt Yari.

I don't find too much information about that.
My target is to do the hike from kamikochi to Mt. yari hut, sleep there, and go back the next day.

Is that possible ?
How long and hard is the hiking route from kamikochi to Mt. yari ? It is enough to cut the route in two with a night on top of Mt. yari or do you suggest i should have one more stop (maybe at Yarisawa lodge ?)

I don't want to do other mountains as i don't have enough time, but we really want to climb mount yari.

Thank you so much for your advice or help.

Best regards,


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Sep 21, 2015
Take at least 3 days.
by: Gary Wolff

Thanks, Thomas.

That 22 km hike is very LONG! I suggest you take 3 days, especially since the amount of daylight hours is much shorter than in the summer climbing season.

Here's an inquiry similar to yours:

Also, here are some other sites that might help:

Happy trails...

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