Excited about Venice
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Excited about Venice

by Mika Iwasaki
(Mitaka, Tokyo, Japan)

A fine middle-aged couple in Venice

A fine middle-aged couple in Venice

I like Italy very much. I have been there and have visited several cities, beginning from Rome. I think that all the cities I have visited are wonderful. But Venice is particularly special for me.

Seven years ago I visited Venice. I reached Venice at midnight and the next morning I was excited to see the landscape around the center of Canal Grande (Grand Canal) in Venice.

“Wow! Is this an elegant, huge theme park on the water like Tokyo Disney Sea? No, this is a REAL city which has a long history! How tasteful it is!"

I am charmed with Venice. So I used to go around a lot of places in Venice earnestly during my stay, taking motor boat coaches called "vaporetto."

I felt that all the buildings, waterways, and pavements were very tasteful and that they might hold thousands of dramas. I was spontaneously involved with the stories of those places.

Venice always has a festival mood and romantic atmosphere. Many tourist couples visit Venice. As a matter of fact, couples without regard to young or middle-aged are suitable for Venice.
They are splendid on the stage of Venice.

When I took a photo of a fine middle-aged couple during my stay, I decided to visit Venice as a couple next time.

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