From Kita-dake-sanso, is it possible to hike down to Narada Carpark before the last 3:30pm bus?
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From Kita-dake-sanso, is it possible to hike down to Narada Carpark before the last 3:30pm bus?

by Michael

Hi Gary,

Thanks so much for your detailed information on the Japanese Alps. This weekend I am climbing Kita-dake. On Saturday I am staying at Hirogawara Hut, climbing Kita on Sunday and staying at Kita-dake-sanso.

I am walking out on the Monday, and am wondering whether it would be possible to do Aino-dake, Notori-dake and then down to Narada Carpark in time for the last bus at 3:30pm (which goes to Hirogawara, then Kofu). I am relatively hiking fit, and would be getting up early, but I am wondering if I am being overly ambitious - if so, I will probably walk out the way I came back to Hirogawara direct.

But the prospect of the loop is very tempting!

Appreciate any advice.


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Aug 18, 2021
Maybe, weather permitting...
by: Gary Wolff

Mike, I wonder whether you’ve already seen my Mt.
Notori-dake (農鳥岳) and the Shiranesanzan (白根三山)
page, in particular the 2nd paragraph of my Day 2 description, as well as the route map and elevation profile between Kita-dake and Notori-dake.

I somehow survived that route 10 years ago as a round-trip day hike and it just about killed me because of all the roller coaster ups and downs. My hiking partner, about 2 decades my junior, left me in the dust. :-)

I’m not familiar with the trail from Notori down to Narada, so I cannot advise you on that section. Another option for advice would be to post your inquiry in Facebook's "Hiking in Japan" group ( They are very helpful there.

Happy trails and thanks for visiting my site. Hopefully this annoyingly persistent rain front will be gone by this weekend...

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