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Frustration and Hoping

by Lee JungHong
(Chofu, Tokyo, Japan)

Now I usually have imagined the longest Chinese ramparts, because my parents joined a tour group with their friends. For reference, my parent's job is farmer, therefore I think that they have good stamina when they do something in Korea.

But they felt losing their way about Chinese ramparts. Of a lot of tourist attractions visited, it is only three times that they visited the Great Wall. They always complain to me about it. They said, "I couldn't look around there. If I tour all ramparts, I will be ill in bed. I wanna live more." I think that it is funny, because he never told me like this.

When I was in Korea, I read an article about it. The title is "It can be seen even from outer space." The length is 5000~6000 km. Except for Russia, China is the biggest country in the world. Also, these ramparts support this fact.

Have you ever been anywhere longer than the Chinese ramparts? God give me one chance to tour these ramparts! Unlike my parents, I think I can do it.

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