Global warming from burping NZ sheep !!
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Global warming from burping NZ sheep !!

by Azusa Yamashita
(Koenji, Tokyo, Japan)

New Zealand has a population of 3.8 million people, but is a large country for livestock. 46 million sheep and 9 million cattle have been breeding. According to the country's Ministry of the Environment, methane gas contained in the burps of farm animals, such as sheep and cattle, has become a major cause of global warming.

Methane (CH4) is a kind of global warming gas, and its influence is said to be strong next to carbon dioxide. Although this methane is emitted from various locations, because thriving livestock are found all across the country, a large proportion of methane gas comes from the burping sheep and cattle.

Various parties have studied how to prevent this methane. One way is to suppress the digestive bacteria in livestock that makes methane. So developers are producing grass that does not produce methane when it is digested.

The government has announced a global warming report which gives a serious blow to New Zealand. So they have reiterated their focus on research and development policy.

I'm surprised that global warming is affected by burps. Sheep should be cheerfully eating grass today, without having to worry about things like global warming.

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Mar 13, 2018
Thank you!
by: Gary Wolff

Thanks, Laura! I appreciate your kind words and wish you much success with your school project...


Mar 13, 2018
Very good
by: Laura

Hi, i'm a girl from Denmark and i think your web page is amazing. i'm doing a school project, and this page helped me a lot. Thanks from Denmark

May 22, 2011
New Zealand sheep cause global warming
by: Gary Wolff

Azusa, when I first read your title, I thought this must be some kind of joke. :-)

But if it's true, I guess it's no laughing matter for New Zealand ranchers.

Who would've ever thought? burping in our class. :-)

Thanks for your funny(?) story...

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