Hollywood movies are so good!
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Hollywood movies are so good!

by Yuki I.
(Inbagun, Chiba)

America has many interesting culture. Above all, I think movie is the most interesting American culture. Do you know Hollywood? Hollywood is the city in the United States and Los Angeles. It is called the center of much movie.

But at the beginning of the 20th century, the center of the movie is New York and Chicago. I was very surprised at that, because I had heard Hollywood has a long history.

I like actors of the Hollywood movies. They are so cool! I like Johnny Depp very much. Last week, I went to a theater to watch the Pirates of the Caribbean. I was so interested in it!

I think in America, Japanese think everything is big. Movie is too. That scale is big and action is so exciting!

I like American culture and above all, I like Hollywood movies.

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