How hard is the Mt. Shirouma-dake trail in late September?
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How hard is the Mt. Shirouma-dake trail in late September?

by Yuval Ramot

Hi there, we are a couple planning our trip to Japan, and we are considering doing this trek.

First, our arrival date will be around Sept. 28 - Oct. 2 (not sure yet). Are these dates good for this climb?

We are not very experienced hikers but we have done many during our lives, a few on the European Alps and some in our home country.

Would you still recommend doing this trek, or would you recommend something else?

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Mar 09, 2023
Not recommended
by: Gary Wolff

Yuval, I’m afraid you may have consulted for advice from the wrong person, since it’s now been 17 years since I scaled that peak, ha ha.

But in all seriousness, I can tell you that when I climbed it, there was some very serious snow in the Great Snow Valley in the middle of summer which required me to use crampons.
Mt. Shirouma-dake is not extremely difficult, but it can be quite hazardous in view of all the deadly rockfall accidents that have occurred there in years past: Mt. Shirouma-dake Mountain Climbing Accidents

Also, late Sept./early Oct. is a little late in the season, so you always stand a chance then of catching an early snowstorm. I myself have been snowed on in early Oct. in the Japanese alpine country.

If you’re flying into Japan through Tokyo, you might want to consider an easier peak closer to Tokyo, for example, Mt. Yatsu-ga-take listed on this page: Highest Mountains in Japan

For other opinions, you may wish to post your question in Facebook's Hiking in Japan group. They're very helpful there:

Happy trails and thanks for visiting my site…

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