How to book Mt. Yakushi-dake mountain huts?
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How to book Mt. Yakushi-dake mountain huts?

by Martine Noel
(New Caledonia)


we will do the Tateyama - Kinosaki walk trail in september 2016, but I cannot find the email adrdess and website address of the huts (Goshigahara sanso, Yakushidake sanso, Kurobegorogoya, and Yarigatake sanso) to book for meals and accommodation;
Do you know how to do?

thank you and kind regards

Martine NOEL

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Jun 08, 2016
Here's 2 of them...
by: Gary Wolff

Goshiki-ga-hara-sanso mountain hut (五色ヶ原山荘):

Yari-ga-take-sanso mountain hut (槍ヶ岳山荘):

I have no info on the other 2 mountain huts (and am a bit busy at the moment), but if you donate to my site (click the yellow "Donate" button at the bottom of any page on my site), I'll be happy to try & track down the other 2 when I get a chance.

Or perhaps future visitors to this page can help you...

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