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I Have a Promise with You in Canada

by Li Dongzheng
(Chofu, Japan)

Canadian maple leaves

Canadian maple leaves

This week, the topic is about Canada. I only know that “Canada is the second largest country in the world. It is larger than the USA and reaches nearly a quarter of the way around the earth. The distance from east to west is over 5,500 kilometers and the country covers six of the world's 24 time areas.” This is from geography class when I was in middle school.

I searched the internet and tried to find some information, but in my head, it is all about you.

Old days become pictures and appear in front of my eyes one by one. You were crying in my arms and confused about the future. I held you tight and told you to go on with your study and chase your dreams.

So you flew to Canada and I began to love the maple leaf.

One day, I received a postcard, which you mailed to me from Canada, writing “Still stuck in the times when you were next to me!” and with a picture of a red maple tree on the backside.

I stood there in silence, holding it, and my whole world turned red.

You want me to live with you and make our future in Canada and I promised.

Every cold night, when I drink maple syrup, I feel close to you.

May you have happiness in Canada!

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