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I will be visiting the area with my family from July 8 through July 11.

Are all the huts expensive? Can you stay in a hut and bring your own food? We're debating whether or not to bring our camping gear or rent. Do you have any suggestions for renting equipment? Is there a fee to camp along side a hut?

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May 20, 2013
Camping equipment rental stores in Japan
by: Gary Wolff

Cliff, I don't know where my brain was before, but I'd also suggest you post your request on the Hiking in Japan page @ Facebook:

Folks there are very helpful & knowledgeable, and I recall seeing a few discussions in the past on rental equipment.

Best wishes!!

May 20, 2013
Family Camping in Kamikochi
by: Cliff Lentz

Hi Gary,

Thanks for the great feedback. My family and I usually camp when we visit National Parks in the US. I'm having a hard time coming to terms with spending $200.00 a night in a hut for the four of us. I think I'm going to ship our camping equipment to Takayama, which is the town we'll be leaving from before reaching Kamikochi. It's too bad you're not aware of any camping equipment rental stores in Japan. I'll let you know how much it costs, and see if it saves us any money versus staying in a hut.

May 11, 2013
Are all the huts expensive?
by: Gary Wolff

Every hut is different, but usually costs around ¥5000-6000 without dinner and breakfast, plus an extra ¥2000-3000 for the meals. I don't believe they'd mind if you eat your own food there.

Tent sites, if they are available, are usually around ¥500-600, but generally, camping in undesignated areas is not permitted.

An English map of the Northern Japan Alps mountain huts can be found here (, and a listing of these huts along with phone numbers & URLs can be found here (

I have no info or suggestions on renting equipment. After 2 decades of climbing Japanese peaks, I've only rented equipment once, and that was for crampons to hike up the Daisekkei Great Snow Valley en route to Mt. Shirouma-dake.

One other note. If you're planning to climb up high, in early July you should be prepared in case you encounter late-lingering snow on the trails.

Have a safe & enjoyable trip.....

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