Ice hockey!
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Ice hockey!

by Mike

I'm not much for sports in general. I used to be really into both soccer and ice hockey as a kid, though, and ice hockey is a shared passion between Sweden and Canada.

In my opinion, even if you don't really like ice hockey, it is a sport that everyone has to see live at least once. You have these 200-250 lb. guys going at extreme speeds and just stopping on a coins length and all this while at the same time having control of the puck. It's amazing to see and if you get the chance, please go to a game, especially in Canada/America/Russia as their leagues are of a really high quality.

If I ever go to Canada, one of my first stops would definitely be to go to a game. I've only been to games in Sweden and I bet the atmosphere of the arena in Canada must be so amazing in comparison, even though the matches I've been to in Sweden also were great. I doubt it could even compare to how it would be in Canada, considering the size of the arenas and how big the sport is there.

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