Is it feasible to hike from Hotaka-dake-sanso to Yari-dake-sanso in 1 day?
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Is it feasible to hike from Hotaka-dake-sanso to Yari-dake-sanso in 1 day?

by Brandon
(Yokosuka, Japan)

This weekend I'm going to go to Kamikochi to hike the same route you guys did. Except my plan is a little different. I plan on staying at one of the hot springs on Saturday night. Then start climbing Oku-Hotaka-dake and staying the night at Hotaka-dake-sanso.

Then I plan on climbing the Daikeretto and staying at Yari-dake-sanso on Monday night. Then wake up Tuesday morning and hike back to Kamikochi. I'm not camping at all. I'm staying in the huts each night.

I just want to know if Day 2 is feasible or not. I ask this because I don't think I could make it back to Kamikochi on the 3rd day if I stay at Minami-dake-goya instead of Yari-dake-sanso.

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Aug 07, 2014
I don't recommend it
by: Gary Wolff

Brandon, unless you're an experienced mountain climber in excellent physical condition or your name is Superman, I wouldn't do it.

My 60-year-old climbing partner and I also planned to hike on Day 2 from the Hotaka-dake-sanso to the Yari-dake-sanso, but we were taking turns carrying his tent, so only made it as far as the Minami-dake-goya.

In your case, you'll be climbing during the absolute peak of the summer climbing season (the Obon holidays for many Japanese companies begin this weekend, so many outdoorsmen will be headed for the Japan Alps), so there's no telling how crowded it'll be and how long it'll take to negotiate the 300m down and then 300m back up the Daikiretto.

From Yari-dake-sanso to Kamikochi is about 22km, and from Minami-dake-goya, you need to add 3 km more. That 25km just about killed us and it didn't help that we got drenched by a typhoon-strength storm hiking out along the Azusagawa.

Do yourself a big favor and take 4 days. You'll enjoy the hike a WHOLE lot more!

Best wishes for safe climbing.....especially in the very dangerous Daikiretto.


[You should also keep an eye on Typhoon 11 (Halong). It doesn't appear to be headed for Kanto, but as of 9 pm tonight, the Joint Typhoon Warning Center is forecasting it to pass within 264 nautical miles of Yokosuka at 5 pm on Sun. afternoon Aug. 10th (closest point of approach (CPA)), possibly bringing strong winds and rain to the Northern Japan Alps.]

Typhoon 11 storm track:

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