Is it possible to climb Mount Shirouma-dake in mid-May?
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Is it possible to climb Mount Shirouma-dake in mid-May?

Hi there!

I have seen on a website that the Rengen Onsen trail ends with the snow valley. Is it possible to skip the snow valley or would there still be too much snow to climb up the mountain? I have not found any mentions about the mountain being open in May.

Thank you !!!

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Mar 01, 2023
Not recommended
by: Gary Wolff

​​Sorry, I’m not familiar with that route, so I don’t have a clue about the trail conditions in May. I suppose anything is possible, but I am willing to bet you would encounter some pretty serious snow then.

I noticed on their website th​​at the Hakuba Sanso mountain hut near the summit of Mt. Shirouma-dake opened last year in Golden Week (around the beginning of May), but because I’m not a big fan of that nasty white stuff, :-) I’ve never done alpine climbing in Japan outside of the recommended climbing season.

You might want to consult the Hiking in Japan group at Facebook… they’re very helpful over there:

Happy trails and thanks for visiting my site…

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