Is that the normal life in Australia?
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Is that the normal life in Australia?

by Yoonkyong S.
(Kawaguchi, Saitama, Japan)

Hyeon and her friends, at the party

Hyeon and her friends, at the party

Today's theme is the story of my friend in Australia. My Korean friend Hyeon lived in Australia 2 years ago. So, I will tell you about her interesting story about Australia.

When she was in Australia, she worked at an Italian restaurant which was owned by a local Aussie. One of her co-workers, who was also a local Aussie, had a big party at her house. So she couldn't wait to go there.

When she got there, it was such a lovely house. Also, she fell in love at first sight and started enjoying the party with many local Aussies. At that time, she could smell something very unique which she had never smelt before. And her co-worker showed homemade cookies to all the guests. Actually, they were quite delicious!

Hyeon, my Korean friend, said to the host, "What is this ingredient?! This smell is kind of special!!?" Her co-worker said, "We added marijuana to the cookies. My mother taught me how to make them."

Hyeon was totally speechless and very shocked at the same time. Korean people are raised in conservative surroundings, so in Korea this could not have happened in any way at all.

But she was in Australia, and she had the right to experience their real life. She tried to eat one cookie with a kind of fear. Surprisingly, she said "The taste was AMAZING."

I have never been to Australia. But, I want to go there some day. And then, I'd like to have a very unusual experience like her.

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